First, let me say, I’m not in love with most of my writings. I’m beginning to think I need to try to do it at a different time of day. Waiting until bed time just makes it hard and I’ve actually fallen asleep in the middle of writing. I say all this because I really don’t like this one and it’s not really finished. But, here it is, nonetheless.

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 55

Finish the story. Start with:

Like a butterfly, she magically came out of her cocoon full of life, joy and vibrant new color. While in her cocoon, she always wondered if it could everWriting Day 55 be better. The slow humdrum of daily life took its toll. Each day her dreams seemed further and further away, until they were so out of reach, she almost forgot they ever were. Then she remembered. She can’t remember what sparked her memory. Only that it was sudden. All the dreams she ever had came flooding back. This time she grabbed hold of them all and refused to let them go. It seemed almost overnight that she changed. First, it was the lightness in her step. Then it was a change in her wardrobe. That also included the color. Color in clothes, color in cheeks, color in life. Then it was her smile. She couldn’t remember the last time she did such a thing. Her face actually hurt.

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