… monumentally awful.

… monumentally awful.

So, my first Blu-Ray on the PS3?


I thought an action packed movie would be good to test out the audio & video. While the thought was a decent one, my execution was sorely lacking.  I should have picked something I’d seen before, or well, anything else. This movie was horrible. This was almost as bad as Ghost Rider. This was slightly better just from the eye-candy standpoint, but that’s it. Timothy Olyphant is better looking than Nicolas Cage any day of the week.

What was wrong with the movie? Um, everything? Casting was horrible, the acting was horrible, story was shite, film style? What film style? A toddler with a hand-me-down cam could have done better.

I’m not terribly familiar with the video game the movie is based on, but I think the Hitman dude was supposed to have been raised in some weird assassin training camp for orphans. But I’m not terribly clear, cuz all you see are repeated flashbacks of some kid getting his shaved head tattooed and handed a pair of guns. And because of this lack of back story, and his seeming lack of emotion, I could have really cared less what happened to this dude. The female character was annoying as hell. I don’t know if they were trying for a romantic thing or not, but if they were, I laugh. Pathetic! They couldn’t even come up with decent excuses to get the chick naked, so they just make her naked randomly.

And the audio! Holy hell. I could have done better with a tape recorder. I don’t understand, but a very large portion of the dialogue was looped — meaning re-recorded and put on top of the video. Sometimes it was so far off, I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be that character speaking. And I’m pretty sure they looped the audio with different voices than the original actors. And some of the people that seemed off were quasi-known people. So, you’re bound to know that isn’t their real voice. I was just shocked at how much looping there was. You are almost always going to have some, and it’s usually done as well as it can be, but this. Man, shocking.

So, because of how bad it was, I didn’t even pay attention to Blu-Ray picture quality. It could have been the best transfer ever known to man, and I would not have cared. Video quality can only help so much.

I almost think I should recommend people watch it cuz it was just so bad. You just have to understand how bad it was!

So, yah, go check it out, and let me know what you think :D

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