Music, the soundtrack of life

Music, the soundtrack of life

Mike and I signed up with Yahoo! Music recently. It was a really good deal — two years for the price of one. So, for $59.88 each, we have 2 years of streaming music. Cool thing about this is if you rate stuff, it will recommend music for you. Mike's already pretty excited about it because he's found a couple bands he's never heard of before, and loves 'em. Previously, he had Rhapsody, but decided to switch cuz his friends had moved over and the great price deal. Most of his friends had scooted over to Yahoo! Music, cuz of price, selection, quality, and other music snob reasons. Oh, should I call them "audiophiles"? Nah, snobs.

I did not have an account with Rhapsody, so Mike would just get me music when I wanted something. I like this dealio much better. The suggestions are mine and mine only. To say that Mike and I have different tastes in music would be a gross understatement. Overall, I would say Mike likes singer/songwriter type stuff. He does like some things out of that genre, but mostly, that's it. Me? Well, I'm all over the frackin' place. I'd say my reigning fave is Ben Harper. However, I listen to anything from DMX, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake to Madeleine Peyroux, Imogen Heap, and Edith Piaf. I can almost say the only thing I will not listen to is country, but there are just no such things as absolutes in life.

So, after getting this all set up, I got curious about different plugins or whatever, mostly in order to avoid the work I needed to get done. What I found was a way to get listings of my music listening trends. So, I've put together a page that will list out what I'm currently listening to, and weekly stats, and overall stats. I put it up on the —–^ top bar as My Tunes and over to the side —> as The Shit I'm Listening To.  I thought it was a pretty nifty idea. I got this all with the courtesy of the most interesting site  I'm sure it's just the music industries way of keeping their finger on the pulse of the listening audience, but whatever. Maybe this way it'll actually be a more accurate picture of what people are listening to, instead of telling them exactly what they should be listening to — a la radio. However, I am looking at it as just another way to peak into all that is MOI. You'll have to tell me what you think. Or maybe even suggest some tunes for me to add to my repertoire.

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