No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

Yesterday, I had my third P&M massage. Last week I had my second one. That one was brutal. I thought the first one was rough, it paled in comparison to the second one.

She worked on my hip flexor muscles and my IT band. The hip flexors were the real killers. Because I sit on my butt all day at work and at home, this makes my hip flexors pull at my lower back when I am in a more straight position. My right side was my main problem, and this was no different. My right hip was insanely sore. She had to stop about half way through and ice it while she worked on the other side. The left side was pretty brutal too. If I was going to scream during one of these, it would have been during this part. She has to keep reminding me to breathe, cuz I would just quit suddenly.

Later that night, I managed to put myself through some more pain. I took an ice bath. Holy moly. This was just torturous. There I am sitting in the bath while the cold as hell water fills in it up. I’m in a hoodie with the hoodie on and tied, biker shorts on, and my teeth are chattering. And this is all BEFORE the ice gets put in! Mike had the pleasure of emptying two bags of ice into the bath with me. And I do mean pleasure, cuz that boy was laughing quite a lot. Once the ice was in, I stayed in there for a little over 10 minutes. I quickly dressed into every warm piece of clothing I owned and went under the covers. Slept quite nice that night.

And the most shocking thing of all… I went back yesterday for my third P&M session which was focused on my right hip a little more, my right hamstring, and my left achilles. When she worked on my left achilles, she actually worked on my calf alot. There was some crazy pain in there, no doubt.

So, for now, I’m good to go. Physically at least. I haven’t had a headache since my first session and I’m feeling quite loose. It’s definitely something I will continue to do in the future when I feel myself tightening up. Better that than waiting til I’m in such crazy pain.


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  1. P&M? More like S&M! Are you getting bruises? I would die, I can’t handle regular massages!!

    What was the point of the ice bath?

  2. I did get a few small faint ones — on my left breast, and on both my hips. The bruises themselves weren’t sore or bothersome.

    The ice bath (or icing muscle in general) basically allows your muscles to recover more quickly. Here’s a good article that describes how it helps —

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