O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 3

O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 3

Friday, July 4th

Again, fuzzy on the morning details. But I remember that Sharon was at the wedding rehearsal and Erika and I split a pizza and a salad at Wolfgang Puck Express. At some point we met up with Sharon, Dorothy, and Michelle. Michelle dropped the rest of us off at Diamond Head State Monument. I didn’t realize we would be doing some hiking, so did not pack appropriate footwear for the occasion. But I decided I could do it anyway. OMG. I should have used the fact that all I had were flip-flops as an excuse to stay back. Goodgawd. I literally made it like 20 feet from the top. I just couldn’t make it any further. I felt like my stomach was going to come out of my mouth. I got close enough. The rest of the girls went up the last set of steps from hell to take the view in from the top. I stayed in a little area just below those steps admiring my view. It was gorgeous too. Hmph. Before we started the hike back down, we called up Michelle to tell her we were on our way down. We hiked back down, which always takes so much less time than going up, grabbed a shave ice (yes, that is shave ice, without a D. It’s like that everywhere in Hawaii. I thought it was weird too), and generally chilled out while we waited for Michelle. When Michelle arrived she also had the bride to be. We all squeezed in the car, and Michelle headed towards our second drop off point — Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

She dropped us off. We ate at the cafe at the top before heading down to the bay to snorkel. Before going down, you have to watch a 15-minute video instructing you on how not to be an ass and destroy coral and mess with the fishies environment. We head down there, get our gear, and off we go. Sharon & Dorothy seemed to have quite a difficult time of it that day. It was quite humorous even. I always knew they were nearby cuz you could hear the laughing/screaming/quasi-panic sounds when I lifted my head up. Michelle told us she would be picking us up at 4pm, so we got out near that time and started to rinse off, dry off, etc. While doing all that we get a call from Michelle saying she would be an hour late. But we were already packed up and ready to go. It was kind of a bummer. So, we hung out at the beach there for a bit, returned our snorkel gear, and took the little bus thingy up the hill. The bus was my treat for everyone cuz I was tired of the hiking bit, and was willing to fork over the dough to not have to walk up that hill. We waited at the top for quite awhile. Even endured a light sprinkling of rain at some point. Michelle & Aileen (the bride), came and got us.

Back to the hotel for us where we got cleaned up. After Erika & Sharon showered, they went off to get Korean BBQ while I showered. I met back up with them on the road, where we spent entirely too long looking for Aileen’s hotel. We eventually found it, with no help from the locals. No one knew where this hotel was and it was right off the main road. It was weird. Anyway, we finally made it there. We eat on her balcony, and then when it gets to that time, everyone heads out to the balcony to watch the fireworks. We could not have had a better view. It was awesome. It was a 20-minute long display of awesome firepower. Shortly after that, we left, and crashed.

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