O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 4

O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 4

Saturday, July 5th

Ahhh.. the wedding day. How I do love weddings. (that’s sarcasm)

Sharon left the hotel really early to go get ready for the wedding with all the other bridesmaids. Erika and I eventually got up, went & got our breakfast as usual, and then slowly got ready for the wedding. Once we were done we walked the whole two blocks to the church — St. Augustine By The Sea. We arrived at 11:15am, and the wedding was set for 11:30am, but we seemed to be the only ones non-wedding party related. This was when I started to realize that maybe everyone at the wedding was with the wedding party. And by wedding party in this case, I mean the people directly in the wedding in some way or another. Eventually the wedding started, and it was a full on Catholic mass. There was a bit of Philippine tradition that I had not seen before at a wedding, which made it a little more interesting. New stuff spices it up for me, ya see. After the wedding, we blew bubbles at the couple.

On our walk back to the hotel, Erika and I decided that we were going to be naughty and go to the beach in the time between the wedding and the reception. So, we went to the beach, had fun & sun, then went back to our hotel to re-shower, re-dress, re-primp. So, freshly ready yet again, we got a taxi to take us to Kahala Hotel & Resort where the reception was being held. Holy crap. This place is the kind of place that really really rich people and celebrities stay at. This place was just gorgeous, and extravagant, and just insane. They have their own dolphins for pete’s sake. We walked around the courtyard there, found the bride & bridesmaids taking pictures near the beach, and waited for them before we headed to the cocktail hour. Had some cocktails and hors d’œuvres, and then into the ballroom for the reception.

We waited for awhile while being situated and the wedding party got ready to make their entrance. It was kind of funny, cuz they entered to like maybe 10 people that weren’t part of the family/party. It was cute. The couple did their first dance (before dinner?) and then there were some speeches & toasts. Now, I will say the toasts started me thinking and slowly got me in a bit of a funk. My bad, but it still sucked. Ya see, there were three (or more) toasts at my wedding, and they were all about telling me how lucky I was to have Mike. But no one came up to talk about me and how lucky Mike was. It was slightly embarassing, and as is evident, still eats at me a bit. Which then got me thinking about my brother (who was my Man of Honor) and family in general, and that just got me to a really bad place. I couldn’t even muster up the desire to dance. And I love to dance. It was just a bummer.

Anyhoo… So, dinner was served. The first course was a sushi style plate with three different types of tuna pieces, including a tartare — which I love. We’d seen the menu for the night, but I couldn’t really remember what it all was. But I do remember lobster being involved at some point. So, really looking forward to everything if the first course was this yum. Second course was a seafood (including lobster) stuffed pastry purse which was very tasty too. Then the main course was a filet mignon and lobster, over potatoes & asparagus. So simple, yet so well done. Excellent. But, the real kicker was yet to come. The dessert. You would think the wedding cake would be THE dessert. But oh no. There was crème brûlée, and boy was there. That had to be the best crème brûlée, I’ve ever had. And it was HUGE too, so it wasn’t like you weren’t going to get enough. I looked over at Erika at one point, and said “Would it be bad form if I started to lick this clean?” and her response was something like “Not at all, it would almost be a shame if you didn’t. And I might join you.” I totally paraphrase, but that was the basic gist. Point being – DELISH! Then the wedding cake came out and I’m so friggin’ full at this point I just point at the chocolatey looking flavor piece and take a couple surprisingly bland bites and push it to the side. I think the other flavor was a guava flavored one, but I tried that and it was equally blah. But, that’s OK. Cuz the cake was gorgeous and all the rest of the food was divine. You can have one bad thing, especially when everything else was insanely awesome. Oh, as a side note.. our waiter was a complete dick. We were so nice to him. We kept saying “Thank you!” when he handed us our dishes and he would give us these ugly sneers and not say anything at all. We would ask for refills and he would get snooty and say the bar is closed, and when we told him it wasn’t that just made him worse. Erika decided she would kill him with kindness and was extra nice and that just seemed to irritate him more. It did become fun after a bit though.

So, after the food, I believe this is when the dancing begun. Yah, at this point I was just a bummer, and sat back being kind of sad. For whatever reason, it was really hard to see there and see this HUGE family with friends having such a great time and being so close and being silly with each other. Instead of enjoying it for what it was, it just made me sad. After that, as we started to walk out, we noticed some pictures by the door. The photographers (There were 4, and 2 videographers) had already printed out some of the photos they took earlier that day and had them in this cool frame. The photos were awesome. The couple have a page with a slide show of some of the pics and also their wedding page. Check it out.

We headed out to the front of the hotel to get a concierge to get us a taxi. While we were waiting, Sharon decided it was time to get her bridesmaid’s dress off right then and there. It was way too small for her and she was in pain most of the day. Actually, it seemed like most of the bridesmaids were uncomfortable cuz their dresses were too small. So, back to Sharon, she grabs her bag that her clothes are in and starts to strip right there in this extravagant hotel’s lobby. It was awesome. She seemed a bit tipsy too, so that was even funnier. She did it very sly-like, granted, but it was still awesome. She pulled her shirt on over the dress, unzipped the dress… sighed in relief and enjoyed that for a moment… then pulled on her pants under the dress then got the whole dress off. Voila! She also kept flingin’ her bouquet here and there and the flowers in it were mostly gone, but at one point she decides to try to pitch it in what she thought was a trash bin, but was really just a big nice huge plant-type pot set out for display. It was fun to watch.

Got the taxi, got back to the hotel, crashed.

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