O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 5

O’ahu, Hawai’i – Day 5

Sunday, July 6

We were supposed to go to Pearl Harbor, but Michelle stayed up a bit late after the wedding, so didn’t wake up early enough. Since all tours leave at 6:30am, we couldn’t do that either. So, Erika & Sharon bought a tour for Tuesday, after I’d be gone. Eventually we did hook up with Michelle and Dorothy. Dorothy was like death on feet. She was absolutely exhausted. All of us headed up toward’s North Shore. We passed the Dole factory place, but we didn’t stop. Just whizzed by saying “Ooh, look it’s Dole”. We stopped in Hale’iwa and ate at Macky’s Shrimp Truck. We each ordered different shrimp dishes and shared with everyone. Everything was just delicious.

After we ate, we made our way to Shark’s Cove for some snorkeling. As we are walking down to that beach, I recognize someone. As we get closer, I realize I am right. I see Brian Grazer with two children getting ready to go out in the water. I know you’re probably thinking “big woop” but he’s a HUGE TV & Film producer. There are very few producers that are as well known as he is. Granted, he’s got a bit of a unique look so that helps. Anyway… we continue on, go out. Froze our butts off. It was beautiful snorkeling. Not the best or anything, but still it was great. The surf was a bit rough, but still manageable. We got out for awhile, chilled, then went back in for a bit more. We were trying to catch glimpses of a turtle or two. Unfortunately we never did see one.

After leaving there, we headed up the road just a bit and stopped at a rest stop type area. Dorothy cleaned up a bit as her flight was in a few hours. We then walked across the street to Sunset Beach to have a dip while the sun was setting. Dorothy stayed in the car and slept. Sharon didn’t get in the water, but sat on the beach while Erika, Michelle and I got in the water. It was a really cool beach. Right after we got near the water it dropped off something fierce. It was cool though. The waves were constant and rolling, I could definitely see how they could be monster waves in the winter. Great place for it. Apparently Sunset Beach is where a lot of the North Shore surfing competitions are held. That would be awesome to see.

We headed back towards Honolulu and dropped Dorothy off at the airport. After we left the airport and we were about halfway back to the hotel, Michelle got a call from Dorothy saying she found a different flight in the morning she would rather take and to come get her. So, we start to turn around. Then we get a call from her again saying that she was wrong and she didn’t need us to pick her up. Craziness.

We eventually make it back to the hotel, rinse off quickly, and go down to the restaurant at our hotel called Tiki’s Grill & Bar. We treat Michelle to dinner as she drove us around everywhere. I ordered the Hawaiian Gnocchi. It was awesome. It had a coffee based sauce and had pork, butternut squash, carrots. It was really good. The girls helped me finish it off. After that, I gave Michelle a big hug and said goodbye. I really like her. I will definitely have to keep in touch. She’s good people.

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