Oh! Sweet Nectar

Oh! Sweet Nectar

I have some weird issues with drinking enough water. I go through stages where it is next to impossible to drink water. I can guzzle diet coke like nobody’s business. But water. It’s like it’s non-potable sludge. However, if I flavor it up with some lime or something I can usually drink the day away with it.

I used to drink FruitWater by Glaceau. The same people who do VitaminWater. Back when I used to drinkMetroMint it, they had tons of flavors like watermelon, cucumber, grape, lime. Probably like 10 or more flavors. Then suddenly they stopped making all those, and only made 4 flavors – raspberry, lime, grape, peach. The other stinger is they are now “lightly sweetened”. If there’s one thing I most certainly cannot tolerate in my water is a sweetener. I get migraines, and so I’m very sensitive to sugar, caffeine, and hydration in general. So, when I say I got nuts with DC it’s not that crazy because the caffeine can become too much. Anyhoo, I digress.

Once my FruitWater had gone and betrayed me with sweetener, I had to find other alternatives. I can’t remember how long, but it wasn’t terribly quick, I discovered MetroMint water… peppermint water that is not sweetened. And they say it’s not “flavored” since they use real mint. It is delightful. So refreshing. It’s been a couple years I think, and now they have 3 new flavors — spearmint, orangemint, and lemonmint. My least favorite is the spearmint, but I do love them all.

At the beginning of this summer, while on a mission to get some Function Urban Detox (excellent forFunction Urban Detox hangovers – drink half before bed, half when you wake) at the Whole Foods downtown I saw a bottle I hadn’t seen before. It appeared to be a flavored water, so I inspect the label to see what sweetener is used or how many calories it has. And I see the most loveliest of slogans on the bottle “Drink Water, Not Sugar”. I was immediately in love, so I wanted to buy everything they had. Mike, being the more sane of us, told me to just get a couple in case it tasted like complete ass. He’s wise, that one. So, after we get home and I get one chilled enough (beverages have to be damn cold for me), I tried one. It was the tropical punch one. I just confirmed the love at first site thing. It was amazing. I had found me a proper replacement. It is called Hint, and it’s such an appropriateHint Pom Tangerine name. It’s water with just a slight hint of flavor. Enough to be not straight up water for my tastes. I have personally tried about 9 flavors — Tropical Punch, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Lime, Raspberry-Lime, Peppermint, Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, and Cucumber. My least favorite was Cucumber, and not just cuz it’s Cucumber. I’ve loved that flavor of water in the past so I was really excited to try it. For some reason to me, it tasted like plastic. I’m hoping it was maybe a bad batch or something, and I will attempt to try it again later, cuz it did seem to have some promise. I drink so much of this stuff, it’s insane. I pretty much fill up a cart at Whole Foods or H.E.B., any time I buy it. People look at me funny. The last time I went to Whole Foods, the guy was kind enough to give me their case discount, and told me I should just think of buying it in cases in the future. That’s a good idea. I think I’ll do that from now on.

I’ve even gotten my brother hooked on it. I’m just evil rotten that way.

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