Oh… woe… the effort.

Oh… woe… the effort.

I’ve been so busy doing nothing, I can’t even get the motivation to post anything on here lately. But I’m forcing myself to post something hoping to get back into the groove.

The past couple weekends have been great. I’ve spent several hours in the hammock outside reading. That’s the other nice thing of no longer being so busy. I can actually sit down and read again. My mind would be so busy going through all I could/should be doing or what I would need to be doing later, that I could never really read. I would just end up having to read it all over again. I haven’t been writing my next script like I wanted to, but I think I will start here in the next couple of days. I don’t imagine I’ll have much done until around the first week of June.

I’ve decided to have a BBQ at the house for my birthday this year. It’s gonna be wicked. I’m really excited. We’ve never really had quite a big soiree at the house like this. I’m sure the game night thing will come close, but I want this to be bigger and even more fun. Yanno, cuz it’s all about ME. Heh.

Anyhoo… so this was boring. But hopefully it’s a step to get my ass posting more. We shall see if it works.

Until then…

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