Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 51

Ah! The classic opener! Finish the story. Start with:Writing Day 51

Once upon a time there was a scared little girl. She thought no one loved her. And she certainly never thought anyone could. It got so bad sometimes, a leaf blowing in the wind would make her jump, and then she would cry when no one was there to console her. She continued on, every day being scared and being lonely, until one day, a blue-eyed, white-haired fairy princess came to see her. The fair princess scooped the little girl up and told her she was sending her some place where she wouldn’t be lonely anymore. When they finally arrived, the fairy princess kissed the little girl on the head and then disappeared. A while later, when the little girl was beginning to lose hope, the fair princess returned. She could not give the little girl away after all. The girl looked up and the princess and began to cry quietly. The fairy princess took her head in her hand and said, “I just didn’t think anyone could love you more than I can.”

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