One Last Car Payment?

One Last Car Payment?

Well, this short work week started off with a bang, or should I say crash? About 5 minutes after Mike left for work this morning, he called me to tell me he had just run into a tree.  He didn't sound too terribly alarmed, so I was kinda like "huh?". He then said that a car in front of him was spinning out of control, so he slowed down to stay out of it's way. Instead of slowing down, his brakes locked up and since the road was freshly wet, skidded straight into a tree. We only have liability on the truck so it's all on us. Whether it is actually able to be fixed or if it's totaled, nothing is covered. In the future, I will always have collision insurance on a car regardless if we have to or not. It might be cheap without it, but it sure is a pain in the butt when you need it and don't have it. Mike's has a couple pics over at Picasa. It's hard to imagine that he walked away from that without a scratch. He's definitely gonna be sore tomorrow though. We'll find out either later tonight or tomorrow morning if it can be fixed at all, and if so, how much.

Oh, and we only have one more car payment left on the Pathfinder, which is the only one with payments. So, it's always been my experience that crap like this happens just as you're gonna have no car payments. I'm hoping they can just fix it. 

*SIGH* toodles 

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