Our New Addition

Our New Addition

So, this is gonna be a bit long. I’m gonna try to glance over some stuff, but it’s still gonna be long. I’m just warning ya. In fact, it will probably take a couple posts.

On March 21, 2012, I went to my Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment first thing in the morning. This was just a normal appointment. Check out the baby, see all is well, see me in another 4 weeks. However, this appointment did not go that way. They did a cervical check on me and told me my cervix was thinning and that I was being checked into the hospital for the “duration of the pregancy”. ‘Scuse me, wuh? You do know that’s 3 months away, right? Yup. I’ll go home and get clothes. Um, nope. Check in now. Okay.

So, Mike and I go across the street to check in to Labor & Delivery at St. David’s North Austin Women’s Center. These people are not playing. I immediately am told to strip, get comfy, and an IV is started. Not long after that, I’m given a catheter. Ugh. I thought that was bad. No, it got worse. I was given magnesium sulfate to make sure I did not get any contractions. That stuff is awful. I was given it for 24 hours. Some women are given it for 48 hours. I can’t imagine. I was also given steroids for the baby. In case she did come early, they wanted to get her lungs as prepped as possible. They said “this is gonna burn”, I just nod like “yah, ok”, cuz when does it really burn that bad? Um, this time. It surprised me so much I said something like “Oh, shit!” Got that shot again in 24 hours. Sucked the 2nd time too.

So, after about 5 days of grossness, I was finally able to shower. This made me a completely new person. Even nurses that had seen me before would come in and be like “Wow, you look awesome!”. Yah, it’s amazing what being clean can do for a person.

Let’s fast forward about 11 more days. I feel like I have a bladder infection or some nonsense. The pain is crazy. I test positive for a UTI. I get some antibiotics.

On Friday, April 6th around 6am, I wake up. I sit there for about 20-30 seconds contemplating getting my butt up to go pee. Before I can even move a muscle, I feel liquid let loose. My original thought was “Wow, that’s quite an infection to just lose control of my bladder.” I stand up next to the bed and the liquid keeps coming. Hunh. That’s not my bladder. I yell at Mike to call the nurse, I go the bathroom. I did still need to pee. So I did that, but I’m still leaking.

They get me all situated, they get me an ultrasound. I’ve gone from 11cm of fluid to 7cm or fluid. Nothing awful, but yes the bag is broken. They tell me women can go weeks like this. Baby is doing well. No big thang.

They hook me up to the monitors for fetal heart rate and contractions. They see I’m having contractions. I don’t feel them. That’s good. A couple hours later, I start feeling them. Then I really start feeling them. They give me some meds to dull them and maybe slow them. Time for bed, they give me Ambien to help me get some rest.


They wake me up around 5:30am, and tell me my contractions are maybe stressing the baby. They put me on
oxygen, that doesn’t help. My doctor is luckily the one on call, and I guess she had a feeling about me, so she stuck around. She comes in and tells me, she’s gonna check my cervix. My cervix is a very popular topic of discussion in the hospital. I’m only 1cm, so that means contractions are just gonna get worse. She says it’s time to get the baby. C-section. Wow.

Imogen Marie Olivier was born at 6:16am on Friday, April 7th. She was 30 weeks, 2 days. NICU will be her home for the next several weeks.

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