Party for the Birthday

Party for the Birthday

So, I decided I wanted something different for my birthday this year. Instead of the usual dinner with friends at some restaurant I choose, I told Mike I wanted to have a big bangin’ BBQ at the house. So, this past Saturday I invited everyone I could possibly imagine, and it ended up being a fabulous time! So many people, it was just awesome. My only regret is I wasn’t able to get around and mingle as much as I should have, so I missed hanging out with some people. I’m new to this house party thing, so you’ll have to forgive me this time. I promise I’ll get better the more we do it. Probably the best birthday ever! So much fun! I’ll have to do this party thing every year.

My friend Sheila from Killeen/Harker Heights came down and stayed the night. The next morning we went to Hoover’s for breakfast. I just had to go. They only serve their Shrimp & Grits for breakfasts on the weekends, and they stop serving breakfast at noon. It’s been awhile since I’ve had it, and I just had to. What was even funnier is I went out to dinner at Truluck’s with my friend Sarah that same night and had Shrimp & Grits again. Now, Truluck’s were in a completely different class and about 5 times more expensive than the Hoover’s version. I’ll have to post the pictures of the Truluck’s shrimps. There were only 2 on that plate, but they were the largest 2 shrimp I’ve ever seen in my life. Bad thing was that they had their heads on. Blech. However, the dish was great. Sarah and I also shared a Red King Crab leg, and then we also shared dessert. A carrot cake. Now, simply calling this a carrot cake seems wrong. This was a DIVINE carrot cake. I’ve never had any better version than that cake. Insanely lishous.

Then, last night, Mike and I went over to Sarah’s house and had dinner with her family. We had a good time. We’ll definitely have to do that more often. Now that our backyard is totally set up for crazy socializing, we’re gonna try to have more people over in general. I love having people over now! Who’da thunk? I guess it helps that everyone really seem to like the house. I always get so self-conscious about our house, but I’ve also never been more proud of a place we’ve lived. I gots mad designing skills :D

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