Playa del Carmen – Day 2

Playa del Carmen – Day 2

We met up with Sarah & Reagan at the Starbucks, and went over to Chris & Stacy’s. Or rather, a cafe right next door to them called Hotel Eclipse Restaurant & Bar. Chris & Stacy are early buggers so they had already eaten breakfast, but they sat with us while we enjoyed a most amazing breakfast. Mike and I both ate chilaquiles.

Let me take a break here and let you know that by the time Mike and I get to this breakfast, I am absolutely pouring with sweat. Everywhere. I am miserable. I have never sweat like this, so it’s not something I’ve been able to get accustomed to over time. I enjoyed the great breakfast, but I could never seem to stop sweating the whole time. As we leave breakfast, they (everyone else) make plans to walk 5th Avenue some more. Yay, NO. All I want is to be clean and dry, so I wuss out and walk back to our hotel. Where I shower, unpack our bags, and eventually take a nap. Mike pings me on the walkie-talkie — oh yeah, we brought walkie-talkie since we couldn’t use our cell phones for less than the price of our first born. Our rooms don’t have phones either. So, he pings me a while later and tells me he is on his way back to our room.

Mike chills for a bit, and eventually we head over to Sarah & Reagan’s pool area for some much needed pool time. We have some adult beverages, we have some laughs, I compare Chris to High Fructose Corn Syrup (sweet, but not necessarily good for you — it was funny, trust me), Mike jumps in the pool with his iPhone in his pocket… fun was had by all.

We all then get changed or whatever and head out to dinner at La Parrilla. I ate sesame chicken fajitas which were fine but nothing crazy awesome. Mike, however, had some amazing dishes. He had Aztec Soup, which was a tomato based soup with avocados, tortillas, cheese, and just some really great spices. His main entree was a fish in a Vera Cruz style. It has tomato, onions, bell peppers, olives, capers. Freakin’ amazing — unreal. Just straight up my alley. Mike thoroughly enjoyed it too, which I always like to see. He seems to eat some fish like it’s a weird necessity and he’ll struggle through. However, he really enjoyed this one. I think he ate every last bite and it was a big fish.

While the mens paid for dinner, Sarah and I hopped into an actual local merchant’s store across the street to look at a dress for me. Sarah was just bound and determined to get me into a dress or something. Her theory was less clothing would help with the sweating. See, Sarah is skinny now, and has apparently forgotten about some basic fat girl issues. One being that sweat and thighs rubbing together with or without cloth is just a freakin’ nightmare. Anyhoo, her intentions were pure. She wanted me to feel better in this sweltering heat. Sweltering, suffocating, miserable, heat. While I wanted the dress to work, it only made me look like a dirigible.

We walked a bit up 5th Avenue, in & out of shops and all that. We stopped at Starbucks and just chillaxed while Stacy ate some big apple pie. It was a bit tasty. Afterwards, she was crazy stuffed, but Reagan kept trying to bet her she couldn’t eat three scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

–A couple of notes here. Stacy is super competitive. So if you tell her she can’t, boy she wants to prove you wrong. And just a reiteration that you can’t walk 10 feet without running into another Haagen-Dazs store. Seriously more prevalent than Starbucks in the U.S. Kinda creepy. The confusing part of them being everywhere is that they are crazy expensive. Like $9-10 US for two scoops.

Surprisingly, disgustingly full, Stacy never fell for the ice cream eating bet. Good for you girl!

Eventually we all head over to Sarah’s place to get our stuff and then we all split for the night at 10pm. Plans are meet at the Hotel Eclipse Restaurant at 9:30am.

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