Playa del Carmen – Day 3

Playa del Carmen – Day 3

Hotel Eclipse Cafe @ 9:40am. Hey, we’re Oliviers, we’re late. However, Mike and I are there first, which is odd. Never happens. With the help of our walkie-talkies, we all get in contact with each other. Eventually everyone shows up. Then we proceed to have another great breakfast.

Afterwards, Mike and I head over to Wal-Mart to grab a couple things and the other four folks head over to buy us tickets to Xel Ha and Tulum. Not really stuff I want to do at all. But I’m with a group and I gotta go with the group I guess. After Wal-Mart, Mike and I grab a taxi to get back to our place. We’ve planned to meet everyone back here at our hotel where we will do pool and beach. While at the pool, we meet a newlywed couple from Holland, Emmie and Wilco, and we talk to them forever. Extremely nice and funny.

We then head to the beach, which is all of a fifty foot walk. Chris, Reagan, Mike and I go into the water where we proceed to get smacked around by the waves. Smacked like hos who owe their pimps a month worth of back pay. It was awesome. The only part I didn’t like about all that is the part of discovering that half of the ocean’s sand is now in your bathing suit. Yuck. As we head out, Mike notices that I look a bit pink. That’s so not good. If I’m looking a little pink that actually means I’m going to be lobster red.

I lay under some shade. Mike, Sarah, Chris & Stacy walk off to find some place to get Sarah’s ears candled. They’d been bugging her and she wanted them cleaned. Eventually, I head back to our room so I can start getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner, cuz I know Stacy is getting hungry. When Mike shows back up to our place, freshly massaged on his sunburned body, he says the Webbers left to eat cuz they couldn’t wait. He also said Reagan told him that him and Sarah would be up to our room shortly. Many, many, many, many minutes later, that definitely turned out not to happen. We tried to raise people on the walkies, but no luck.

We fall asleep while we were waiting. When we wake up we decide no one is waiting for us so we’ll go find something to eat. We feel like Italian, so we head out. We eventually arrive at Ristorante da Bruno and order Prosecco and salad to start. Why did we think alcohol was a good idea when we were burnt to crisps? No idea. I take one, maybe two sips, but I’m guzzling the bottled water we ordered. We eat our salad and while we wait for our entree, I start to get seriously nauseous and hot. I head downstairs to the bathroom and proceed to have a hurl fest. Then I get back to our table and step right back into things and eat my very tasty strozzapreti pomodoro. While I was busy in the bathroom, Mike gets Chris & Stacy on the walkies to see if we can drop off my food their place in case I can’t eat. They said sure. But that ended up not being necessary. Then somehow we find them out with Sarah & Reagan. My natural inclination here is to feel rejected cuz no one asked us out. But I fight it. After we leave Sarah & Stacy in the Diamonds International store, Mike voices the same opinion. He didn’t understand why everyone ditched us and hung out without us. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who felt it.

We head home, got to sleep with our vicious sunburns. The plan for the morning is to meet up at 7am for our trip to Xel Ha. We’re so red and uncomfortable, our plan is to meet up at 7am to see if we can change ours to a different day.

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  1. Haha, perspective. No ditching, but when someone is sunburned and hurling, which Mike had walkied, that usually means “No Tango, Pedro”! We only hung with the others for about 30 minutes anyway…so TIRED.

    I’m really glad you guys came even though it left ya sunburned! We’ll be over to peel the third layer soon, player…

  2. Even as I typed it, I figured it was probably just our sunburns making us extra sensitive in all things. But, that’s how I wrote it in the journal while I was there, so that’s how it got typed in. Either way, we got over it :D

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