Playa del Carmen – Day 6

Playa del Carmen – Day 6

All times approximate.

7:00am – Everyone except me meets the bus for Xel Ha

7:30am – I go to breakfast at the hotel solo. Good breakfast. I had Huevos motuleños.

8:15am – Back to the room where I sleep on and off.

12:30pm – Hang out in hammock while the maid cleans our room.

1:45pm – Mosey over to lunch and had some pretty tasty chicken tacos.

2:30pm – Head to game room to check e-mail and general online nonsense.

2:50pm – Back to room for reading, sudoku, sleep, lotion coating – not necessarily in that order.

6pm-ish – Mike arrives back from his day trip and starts to clean up for dinner. Says folks are meeting at our pool in about an hour.

8:00pm – Head to dinner with Mike for Mayan feast night. Quickly ate some Aztec soup and some other random bits before we head over to our pool to meet up with the Webbers.

9:00pm – Head to our pool to meet up with the Webbers. The Knowles’ show up shortly after that. We then head across the street from our place to eat at Origenes. I just had dessert. Everyone seemed pretty wiped and subdued, but laughs and good times were had.

11:00pm – We part with plans to meet at 6:45am at our place. Stacy wants to see the sunrise at 6:15am. But I’m not really into getting to her place over a mile away by 6:15am. So, they will come get me after for a girls’ day. Mike and Chris will be meeting at 7:15am to go deep sea fishing.

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