Playa del Carmen – Day 7

Playa del Carmen – Day 7

Stacy wanted to see the sunrise on the last day with the girls. But since that was 6:15am, and I didn’t want to walk the mile plus before that. I asked them to maybe come get me after they did that. So, I meet up with them at 6:45am in our game room. Mike and Chris head out to go deep sea fishing. Reagan is tagging along with us gals for breakfast, but he’s not supposed to speak. Kidding! kinda.

We head up 5th Avenue and eventually find an open place to eat breakfast. I had a decent huevos mexicanos and everyone else was meh on theirs. After that, we start to walk back to our hotel. Reagan heads up to our hammocks on our deck to chill, and Stacy, Sarah, and I go hang out at the pool. I have to find shaded areas, which proves tricky. Sarah & Stacy wanted to lay out in the sun, so we head out to the beach where I have to stay shaded and they strip down to their bikinis and lay out. I write in my journal. Oh yah, I’ve been writing all this for my blog in a journal I brought with me. I didn’t want to deal with bringing a laptop, but I still wanted to get all this stuff down. So, I’m doing it old school. Pen and paper, y’all. Holla!

We head back to the pool for 5 minutes, then the girls decide they want to go shopping. I’ve already told them that this particular event is something I will not do. They decide to go anyway, and I go back to bed. Thus endeth girls’ day.

Mike gets back around 2pm, and he chills for a bit, and then cleans up. We head down to our game room to check on some emails and such. Chris shows up with some freshly cooked grouper and red snapper. The red snapper was delicious, the grouper.. not so much. Very cool of him to walk that all the way over to us.

While we are sitting there, Emmie and Wilco of Holland spot us and come over and say HEY! We talk for a really long time, and eventually the rest of the gang joins us. We’ve already planned to do dinner with Emmie andWilco later, but we just ended up spending a couple or so hours chatting it up with them before too. It was a great time. This moment right here was probably my favorite of the whole trip. Just chilling, chatting it up, meeting new people, and having a bunch of beverages. I finally get a buzz too! There is something seriously weak about the beverages here or something. I’ve not gotten one buzz until now. It was a good buzz too.

As it starts to get later, and everyone is getting hungry, we all disburse and Emmie, Wilco, Mike and I plan to meet back at our game room at 8pm. We’ll walk with them to the restaurant since they have never been. Oh yah, we were going to Yaxche again.

We get to Yaxche, and get seated upstairs. Unfortunately there was no A/C up there. We’d been used to the A/C when we go there, but not so this time. It was a bit annoying for me, cuz I was sweating so bad it was literally running down my legs like urine. And I’m 99.7% sure it wasn’t actual urine. This, our last Yaxche meal was a bit disappointing. Not up to our previous visits deliciousness. But, I will always remember it for the first two meals. I will erase this one from my memories right after I type this :D

After we get done with dinner, it’s about 10:45pm. Sarah and Reagan have their taxi to the airport coming at 4am, so they are off to pack. Our van meets us at 7:30am, so we decide that is the end of our night too. Emmie, Wilco, Chris & Stacy stay out to have another beverage and chat. We hug everyone buhbye. I triple-kiss the Dutch folk, cuz that’s how they roll. I like it. Why don’t we do stuff like that? We’re such a non-touchy people. Ok, maybe it’s just me that’s non-touchy. Hey, I’m trying to get better about that. I let people hug me and such now more than ever. It’s progress!

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