Poor Draco Malfoy

Poor Draco Malfoy

I’ve just returned from seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I think the film was very well done. Absolutely stunning cinematography, the music was bloody brilliant, and Michael Gambon‘s Dumbledore didn’t annoy me as much as he had in previous films. However, the one thing I kept finding myself thinking is … Poor Draco.

This even shocked me. I’ve hated that damn boy since the beginning. And in the films, Tom Felton seems to make me hate Draco that much more. I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t like Felton, or he really embraces the douchey-ness of Draco. Either way, mission accomplished. But in this film, you really see Draco struggling with what is right or wrong. While all the other kids are going to quidditch matches, going into town for Butter Beers, and snogging in the hallways, poor Draco is spending his free time repairing a magical cabinet so the Death Eaters can come attack the school. You know he comes from assholes, and I’m sure he feels the need to grow up to be an asshole too… nature versus nurture and all that… but you can still see his internal struggle. It even looks like it takes a bit of a physical toll on him too. He looks paler than usual, gaunt… and if he’s not careful, that grumpy sneer/frown thing he’s got going on is gonna get stuck that way.

In the end, Draco does not have to do the awful thing he’s been tasked with. Someone else does it for him. This may be his only saving grace in this particular year at Hogwart’s. He was just not meant to be a kid. Hell, even Harry Potter gets to have more fun than this poor fellah.

But, and this just occurred to me, maybe this is a perfect representation of karma. You treat people like crap long enough, it will come back to bite you in the skinny, pale, mean ass.

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