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When I started typing this one up, I realized I did it completely wrong. I must have been about ready to pass out cuz it seems clear as day now. Anyway, I will post it as it was stated, but just know that I goofed… big time.

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 53

Writing Day 53

Use this quote somewhere in your piece. Start with: I hate the texture of…

I’m a weird bird. I’m completely aware of this, at most times. I have my quirks, or oddities, or uniqueness, or idiosyncracies… whatever you want to call them. For instance, I wouldn’t call myself a picky eater at all, but there are just some things I can’t get past. Numero uno, let’s say it together now, I hate cilantro. Not, I dislike it or I prefer not to eat it. I abhor it. I can taste that disgusting weed if it were in the same kitchen as my food. If I could, I would outlaw the stuff. Or, better yet, burn every last plant of it off this planet. Of course, I live in the state of Cilantro. Hell, it’s probably the state herb.

Another thing is apples. I hate the texture of apples. Just thinking of it makes me want to gag. The only type of apple I can stand, in fact I enjoy them, is a very unripe green apple (of the non-Granny Smith variety). I also have a few standards… like lima beans and brussel sprouts. My mom used to give us brussel sprouts quite a bit. She actually thought there was no way anyone could not like them. As for lima beans, I have no problem with them when they are mixed with other things. But they just aren’t meant to be alone. They need help or friends, whatever.

There are far more things I love than hate, so I feel I’m okay with my food enemies. I’m allowed to have a few, right? Any foods you just can’t tolerate?

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