Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 2

Use each letter as you get to it. Start with: New Year’s resolutions make me…Writing Day 2

New Year’s resolutions make me want to strangle the person who came up with them in the first place. Every year usually reminds me of what I didn’t accomplish the year before. Maybe I should use that as some sort of driving force for the upcoming year. But it just doesn’t seem to work that way. Last year, I decided to make some different types of resolutions. Instead of the usual lose weight, workout more, I chose to go a different route. I resolved to be more social, party more, drink more (without getting trashed). I think I was quite successful. I went out with my book club group of friends randomly, and almost every time I was invited. We usually went to sushi houses. Now, I don’t generally eat sushi when I’m there. I go for the noodle stuff or teriyaki chicken or something. However, this time I’ve been more bold. I’ve tried rolls now. Not that slab of fish on rice deal. These are almost pieces of art. So, I’ve grown a little this past year in my social ways. It also happened to directly effect my resolution. See, my goal now is to set more realistic goals that won’t make me feel like a complete failure if I haven’t fully accomplished them.

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