Rockin’ Out — Rooster style

Rockin’ Out — Rooster style

So, this past Friday, Mike and I were invited to a Rock Band party. Oh, do not laugh, you haters out there. You cannot imagine how much fun this game is when you get a bunch of people together. After playing it as much as Mike and I have, I have found that I really like the singing. I would have thought that would end up being the last thing I’d want to do. But, I can rock out with some fierce pipes — at least in my head :D The drums are a lot of fun too, but man they can be difficult.

So, the party had an optional dress-up option, that Mike, Ben, and I decided to take. I knew Mike and Ben were gonna be nuts, but I was actually quite surprised at what I managed to do with my hair. It started as an Amy Winehouse meets Sanjaya, and ended up with maybe a little Boy George thrown in. I did some Winehouse eyes, some black lipstick and some pleather pants, with a Prince-like velvety shirty & knee-high boots, natch. Mike & Ben looked like goth metal brothers from hell. It was great. I was a wee bit disappointed at some of the other people’s idea of dressing up. A couple other girls were good, but as far as some of the guys… W E A K. If you’re gonna rock out with your cock out, play the part!

I had a lot of fun. I sang a little, played some drums, and even played the guitar. Drank a number of my pom soda/vodka mixes and ended the evening sitting in the shower while Mike attempted to get my hair out of all the mess I made. The scalp hurt a little in the morning, but pain can accompany such greatness.

The next morning (aka afternoon) — hungover and wobbly — I was off to Public Access Community Television for some schoolin’ in Final Cut Pro.

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