Ship Shape

Ship Shape

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 5

Write until you fill in the entire shape. There are no lines, allowing you to be creative and free. Start with:

Writing Day 5The ship’s sail towered above me. I kept looking skyward only to see a massive swath of fabric flapping in the wind. I decided to give in and lay on the deck. I stared straight up and caught rays of sun on my face from between the towering wind catchers. Instead of being disappointed by the lack of sky, I decided to take in the soothing noise of the sails struggling to find peace with the wind. It seemed like such an adversarial relationship, yet oddly symbiotic. What would the sails do without the wind except hang limply on their masts. The wind might only blow someone’s hair & clothes, but the sails made it more useful. I kicked my sandals off and let them slide around the deck. I had thought this trip would only be about tanning and getting my hair wind blown and dirty. I guess there is more to this sailing thing than meets the eye. I think I’d rather see the fighting love the wind and the sail have. Whoosh, fwip, thwip, poof, umpf, I hear. If I listen closely, I think I can hear them whispering sweet nothings. Shhhhh… LISTEN.

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