Smiley Faces

Smiley Faces

Yanno that feeling where everything is as it should be, and you can’t think of how things can get better? Almost like things are TOO perfect. For me, that feeling of being content means that something big is about to hit to make me just as equally miserable. However, I have that feeling now, but it’s not that perfect feeling. I feel a level of contentment but enough is still crap that it doesn’t feel like a pile of poo is about to drop on me.

The area of my life that isn’t perfect is, of course, work. I recently got my promotion and I’m very excited about that still, however, there are certain people that I work with that make every day there difficult as hell. I tend to shutdown when I feel oppressed. It’s kinda odd, I know I’m shutting down, but I can’t seem to do much about it. I try to fight that feeling everyday, but still seem to get more stuck in it. I don’t hate work, I’m just having a hard time coping right now. I know it will pass, eventually. It’s just that somedays it’s next to impossible to convince myself of that. I think that it also doesn’t help that I am one to try to correct things that I think are wrong. In work’s case, I need to learn to shut my mouth and keep my thoughts & feelings to myself.


Enough of what is crap in my life and let me concentrate on the oh-so-good. My house is pretty much done — with the exception of one room and the need for more furniture. This is monumental for me. I honestly cannot remember ever feeling like my house was in order. Sure, it still gets messy, but it’s still so awesome for it to be done. We finally got our replacement rug for our living room. It was only on backorder for over 4 months. It’s nice to have it in there now. It makes the area much more defined, and cozy. The contractors have been sporadically finishing stuff up. We had the A/C guy come fix some rattling in the ducts. The painters came and finished all that needed repainting and minor touchups. Jason, the right-hand-man of our GC, came by and finished things up like putting knobs on closet doors and vanity doors, installing shelving for a closet, fixed some baseboard issues we were having. The only thing left is for the electrician to come by and fix a kitchen light and install the inline heater for our jacuzzi tub. OH! and hook up our hottub.

So, just to sum up… Things are getting done and it feels awesome.

Vanishing Actsp.s. our current book club selection is Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.

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