Snapshots one

Snapshots one

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 54

Photos are a great way to capture memories. But we don’t always have a camera with us. Write quick “word snapshots” as substitutes for the following topics. Try to capture colors, textures, and expressions. Use your own life story… or make them up!Writing Day 54

A childhood birthday party
Rob looks pleased with himself at his 2nd birthday. He sits in his highchair in a local Alabama park, coating his face in spaghetti sauce. The day might be gloomy, but it’s not effecting his fun.

A wedding
When she thinks no one is looking is when she looks her most beautiful. The day couldn’t have gone any better, and as she walks up to the altar with her new husband in hand, she looks like she could take on the world.

Winning an award
Shane looks surprised yet completely confident and deserving. His grin is boyish and yet still the usual devilish. If his slacks ere as red as his shirt, I may have thought him a little too devilish.

A garden
The intensely green elephant ears next to the boldly rich purple wandering jew is quite a site to behold. Yet, it’s the simple child’s hammock in the corner that stands out most of all.

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