Some Weekend Ramblings

Some Weekend Ramblings

Yesterday, Mike and I went to the Sunset Valley Farmers Market to pick up some veggies and other bits that caught our eye. We’ve been trying to go as often as we remember to go. We’d rather get our produce there than in a grocery store. It supports our local farmers and businesses and the quality is far superior to anything at the big grocers (except Whole Foods, of course). Since we’ve gone a few times, and we tend to go a bit crazy, I bought us a collapsible market tote from bb&b. I was kind to Mike and didn’t buy the bright pink one that I really wanted. Well, we filled up that basket within the first 10 minutes and Mike just hauled it all over the place. For some reason this weekend, the market had about 2.5 times the amount of vendors as it usually does. It was huge! Alot of the extra vendors were services that were kind to the environment, like rainwater collection, and gardening, and even a couple furniture makers. We ended up getting a bunch of veggies, like usual, but with Mike’s help I got bold and actually bought some beef ribs from a vendor there – Bandera Grassland. They say their cows are never injected with hormones and are grassfed, and all that other hippie stuff. We’ll have to see how good they are.

We also got some Maine Root Sarsaparilla. I am a sarsaparilla freak. This one was a bit mild for my tastes. I don’t taste much difference compared to their Root Beer, which I had at the market.

After that we went to FoodHeads. This great cafe in a house. I’m gonna write a review for that for Scratch ‘N’ Sniff, shortly. I’ll link over to it when I do.

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