Speed Spenders

Speed Spenders

In the past 7 days, Mike and I have spent about $7,000. In the past month, we've probably spent twice that. You may ask, Pourquoi? Well, for insurance reasons of course.

We got another extension on our insurance during the holidays, and today – Monday, January 22nd – was the last possible day of submission. So, anything we wanted full reimbursement for had to be rebought. I bought over $1000 in books alone. I bought every book I've ever even thought about reading. Mike might have actually spent more on books than me. I didn't think it was possible. But he likes a lot of technical type books and those tend to be pricier. He also purchased all his camping equipment, plus a new kayak (in lieu of his snowboard & gear), and every piece of audio equipment he's ever drooled over. A large majority of this stuff was purchased at Amazon, and we have Amazon Prime so all our purchases have free 2-day shipping. They have to be lovin us for all the purchases, but hating us for all the shipments. On Friday, the 19th, we received 15 boxes. Today, Monday, we received 10 boxes. I expect another mega-shipment on Wednesday. I've got at least 8 coming that day I think.

But wait! There's more! In a couple or so weeks, we'll be getting a big fat check for stuff we've bought and for things we lost and didn't buy too. In case I haven't emphasized it enough – WE ARE FREAKIN DONE! All that is left is to wait for the cashmoney. The fire is now officially completely in the past. 

Yay, now I'll get to clean my nasty house that I've been ignoring the past week cuz I was doing spreadsheets and receipts and whatnot. I think I'm gonna hire a cleaning service. Not just for now, but for a regular type cleaning doomahickey deal. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

p.s. I will post pictures of the box & goodies insanity we've been experiencing lately. It's like Christmas, part Deux. :) 

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