Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

The Write-Brain Workbook – Day 52

Finish the story. Start with:

Down by the swamp sat an impatient frog. He hopped from one tree to the next near the swamp’s edge. He knew something better had to come alone any moment now. He grew so tired of the dreary swamp life. Far too dark, dreary, and muggy for his taste. He would much rather be in a big field of fresh green grass or even sitting on a hot sandy beach in the tropics. He was meant for bigger and better things. He kept up his tree-to-tree pacing, oblivious to all around him. Out in the murky water, an alligator swam by leisurely. He loved his life. He just couldn’t imagine life getting any better. The water was great for hiding. The banks were good for resting and there were so many friends to find here. Every day was a great game of hide ‘n seek. Food and friends lurked everywhere. The alligator crept closer to land and noticed a little frog hopping around. Look, the alligator thought, there’s some friendly food right now.

Writing Day 52

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