SXSW 2008 – Day 5

SXSW 2008 – Day 5

Let me begin by saying, I’m slightly disappointed in SXSW this year. There just seemed to be more great narratives last year than this. And there seem to be a ton more documentaries at SXSW thisShot in Bombay year. I can appreciate a good doc, but I am a narrative person. I tell you this because I honestly could no get my butt motivated to go see any films until 5pm on Tuesday. Let me also add that I do have a strong desire to play with my new Mac. So, I’m sure it’s a combo of crappy movies & a great new toy.

I met up with Rob & Alev at Alamo South Lamar for Shot in Bombay, a documentary by Liz Mermin. This is a documentary that follows the making of a Bollywood film – Shootout at Lakhandwala – and kind of all the political crap around it because of it’s subject matter, as well as the court crap the star has to deal with continually. I guess I thought this was more about Bollywood in general. But whatever, this was ok. Nothing great, nothing awful. I guess I’ll be like Simon Cowell here, and say it was forgettable. Unfortunately, it wasn’t “Mind Blowing!” at all. 5 out of 10

The only other film I saw this fine day was the gamer documentary Second Skin. It follows gamers and the different ways the games they play effect their daily lives. It ranges from the functioning gamer to the downright full-on addicted gamer who loses everything. Very well shot, for sure. However, I was disappointed. Much like Lord of the Rings, it seemed to have like 5 endings. This film could very much benefit from an editor that wasn’t the director. I felt like it wobbled a lot and it had a very weak core. BUT, I thought there was definitely enough for a great doc. It needs restructuring for sure. It also definitely needs to be shorter. There was a lady in the film that I think was supposed to come across as sympathetic, but she came across as downright creepy. Her son committed suicide due to gaming, according to her. However, just in the bit that she’s in there, I could see her having a bigger hand in that event. Anyhoo, again, it seems to be my theme of SXSW this year… it was good, but not great. 6 out of 10

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