SXSW 2008 – Day 6

SXSW 2008 – Day 6

So, got home early-ish last night, and yet still went to bed late cuz I was playing on the Mac, natch. I also knew my first movie wasn’t going to be until 1:30pm, so no big thang. Well that all went to shot at about 6am when I woke up with a lovely case of acid reflux. I couldn’t find my reflux meds for a while, so I ended up staying awake. I don’t know if you know how much it sucks to lay down while stomach nastiness is already trying to crawl up your esophagus. Well, not fun. So, I decided I could kill time until my first move by – you guessed it – messing with the Mac.

My plan was to head down early to get some food at Wiki Wiki Teriyaki, but that went in the crapper cuz I run late like that. So, hungry, I head to Paramount. While on my way I get a text fromBananaz Rob asking if I was going to see the Gorillaz documentary Bananaz. I texted my confirmation, then went into Paramount. I fumbled with bag, beverage, and popcorn. After settling in I get a text from Rob saying “WTF?” I’m all wuh? Then he texts me “How’s the popcorn?” I start looking around and lo and behold, Rob and Alev were like 5 seats down my aisle. I was seriously baffled cuz I didn’t know they had the afternoon off. They joined me on my side of the row, we chat, we laugh, and I spill my popcorn everywhere. Cue movie.

WTF? Indeed. I think I now know less about the Gorillaz than before the movie. I’m just so damn confused. I could rarely understand anything that was being said. When I could understand, I just never understood what the hell they were even talking about. Other than a slight indication of chronology due to when albums were released and touring, I have no idea. I just have no idea. If this review has confused you. Join the friggin’ club. 3 out of 10

Cook, as in cookin’ meth. County, as in yanno a state type taxing district, but probably more like country. Thus Cook County. This is basically the story of a family of cookers/users of meth and the path their lives take because of it. It shows a small slice of the meth lab life and what people are capable of stooping to. Abe (Ryan Donowho) has been abandoned by his father Sonny (Xander Berkeley) for over two years. He was left to stay with his Uncle Bump (Anson Mount). Sonny returns suddenly with a new truck and no explanation to where he’s been.

I’ve definitely seen Xander Berkeley better. However, Anson Mount was unbelievably awesome. His performance was just insane. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve seen him on one TV show or another, but damn he was skinny in this film. Nasty skinny. Like meth addict skinny :D Seriously excellent tweaker performance. Donowho was also quite stellar. I knew I recognized him but I couldn’t figure out from where. After the film I went to IMDB on my itty bitty RAZR and found the only other thing I would have seen him in was The OC. He’s a cutie and he is quite talented. Overall, I would say the film felt a teensy bit sluggish, but it was still quite good. 7.5 out of 10

I had a bit of a wait between Cook County and Texas Shorts. So, to kill time I went to Whole Earth Provisions to scout out their selection of Reef flip-flops. As of right now, their selection kinda sucks. However, I might wear flips year round, but I guess the vast majority don’t. Regardless of crappy selection I was still able to find me a pair… as well as a T-shirt, lip balm, and some bug bite balm. I always have issues with bug bites, so I’m willing to try anything. Ok, now back to the theater for some shorts. I am a lot more curious about shorts this year, and these being from Texas make me even more inquisitive.

I didn’t realize this was the premiere of Texas Shorts. The theater was packed! I ended up sitting next to one of the actors in a short. We talked a little about short films and the complete awesomeness of Alamo’s fried pickles. MmmmmMMmmm, fried pickles. The shorts were eh. Most were pretty bad, but the last one I saw was really good. I’ll have to look up the name of that one.

I left Texas Shorts early, and I didn’t feel bad about it. I know, I’m awful. Mike was already in line at Paramount for Choke novel. He’s the dude who wrote Fight Club, among other things. I also knew that . I didn’t know anything more about this film except that it’s based on a Chuck PalahniukAngelica Huston was in it I quickly learned that Sam Rockwell was the main character and that this was gonna be funny. Victor (Rockwell) is a sex addict. It’s the first thing you learn, actually. I’ve always enjoyed Sam Rockwell and this just made me love him much more. He’s just awesome. The film overall seemed simple. But not in a bad way at all. Like it was filmed in such a way that you don’t pay attention to the filmmaking, just the story and the actors. Well done. 8 out of 10

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