SXSW Day 6: Wednesday

SXSW Day 6: Wednesday

Crazy Sexy CancerI started my morning with the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer. This is the story of Kris Carr, a woman who has discovered she has a very rare form of cancer. It starts out with her just trying to find anything that could help her in her struggle. Her cancer is a very slow moving sort, and there appears to be nothing medicine can do for her. She goes through a few diet regimes, spiritual avenues, and just trying to be as healthy as she can. During her journey, she ends up finding love with her cameraman — now her husband and producer. The film is incredibly uplifting. Even if you’re not suffering from cancer, just the force of her love of life is infectious. It makes you want to appreciate everything you have and do more. This was a wonderful documentary. Of course, I’m sure this subject has been dealt with in film form before, but Kris Carr’s enthusiasm and charisma make this something different. Also her attitude of never giving up is unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong, she has her moments where she gets down and cries like any normal person would, but she doesn’t allow those moments to consume her. She lets them happen, and she continues on with her fight for love and life. 8.5 out of 10

I misjudged my times for the next film, so I didn’t even bother to try to run to ACC to catch it. So, I stayed at Alamo South Lamar and saw Inside the Circle, a documentary about break dancing in Austin, Texas of all places. I did not realize that Austin had such a community, so I was a wee bit interested. The film follows three guys – Josh, a troubled young man that never seems to stay out of trouble; Omar, a B-boy star who gets to travel the world with his dance; and Romeo, the creator of the B-boy City competitions held in Austin. It was interesting to see the different lives of Josh & Omar, two previous best friends that now compete against each other. Josh seems to depict the stereotype of a break dancer – being on endless probation and wondering why the world is so against him. While Omar uses the opportunities breaking presents to the fullest. It was slightly amateurish at times, but the subject was fascinating. I don’t know what was more interesting, the breaking, or the fact that such a huge community of breaking is here in Texas. It just blows the mind. 7 out of 10

My intentions for the rest of the day was to head over to The Paramount for Let’s Get Lost, then stay there for The Lather Effect. However, I did not anticipate Let’s Get Lost to be quite so painful to sit through. I don’t know if it was because I really wasn’t wanting to see it in the first place, or if it was because I was so tired, but I was SOOOO not feeling this film. This was originally released in 1988, so I was also not quite sure why it was in the festival, but oh well. The film is about jazz phenom Chet Baker. It was a very artistic beautiful looking film, but Chet Baker is a very quiet man who doesn’t seem to like to talk much. He has very obviously been wracked with a drug problem for a large part of his life. If I didn’t know it ahead of time, I certainly would have known by looking at his face. Worn would be a mild description. So, I can’t really review the film as I did not finish watching it. But that could be saying something all by itself :D

This was bit of a freaky fun treat. The two stars and director were on hand for the screening of Reign Over Me. Since Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle were gonna be there, I decided to skip the movie before this to get a good place in line. Considering the insane turn out for Knocked Up, I figure it was only inevitable that this would get filled up too. Boy, I was SO wrong on that one. The floor seats at The Paramount didn’t even get filled. Crazy snobby indie film types , I guess. I was not aware that this movie was not a typical Adam Sandler comedy. Yes, I thought it odd that Don Cheadle would be in a comedy. But, stranger things have happened, like Adam Sandler doing a serious role, and not only pulling it off but freakin’ rockin’ it out. The quick & dirty — Charlie (Sandler) has lost his wife and daughters in the 9/11 planes, and has decided the best way to deal with it is to forget he ever had a family. Alan (Cheadle) is getting tired of his mundane routine-laden life, and has pulled away from his wife and children emotionally. This was a very well made touching movie. I liked the contrasting struggles of Alan and Charlie. A peculiar/interesting thing in the movie was Alan’s apparent jealousy of Charlie’s life. Even though Charlie has lost everyone he loves, and with it his grip on life, Alan seems to truly envy the freedom he possesses. When, in fact, he has no freedom at all. This was a very well done movie, IMO. Go Mike Binder. 8 out of 10

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