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My life with a fuqd up achilles

My life with a fuqd up achilles

I always seem to have such a hard time figuring out what to post. There are random times while driving or doing some other mundane thing where 15 things pop up in my head that I could write about. Of course, I forget every one of those things when it comes to sitting down and writing.

So, kinda random, but at least it’s something. I have an injury. It was diagnosed as calcified achilles tendonitis. Sounds gross to me. But apparently it’s nothing that can’t be made better with some expensive Physical Therapy. I guess a few bucks are better than needing surgery or something. My Physical Therapist said it’s like having toothpaste in the tendon. Yah, that makes it sound less gross, blech. I’m on my second week of PT and it’s a lot easier than I was expecting. I was thinking of having some sort of personal drill sargeant telling me everything I was doing wasn’t good enough, not hard enough. Wow, I could not have been more wrong. Apparently, for tendons/ligaments, you don’t want a lot of weight involved at all. And as soon as it hurts, you stop. See, this might be where I probably made the issue worse.

I originally started having an issue with this after a Body Combat class. I just thought it was from that particular area not being worked out in that manner before, so I kept going to Body Combat thinking it would eventually “stretch” out. I got sick with bronchitis, and that gave me a 2ish week break on Body Combat, and my heel started feeling better. I went back to Body Combat, and as soon as it was over, it hurt like hell. This is about when I realized that Body Combat was causing issues more likely than it was helping issues. I still went a few more times, cuz it might be crazy hard, but it is really fun. The instructor is also insanely awesome. LOVE her! Now I’ve been told I can’t do that, or the treadmill, or upright bikes. I can only do the recumbent bikes and elliptical for cardio stuff. AND no longer can I do an hour of cardio like I used to. I can only do a max of 20 mins or until it starts to hurt, whichever is first. There are some leg weight exercises I can’t do anymore either — calf extensions (which I was doing quite a bit cuz I thought it would stretch out that achilles, heh) and leg press. I was given a sort of modified leg press I can do. Kinda sucks, cuz I liked the leg press. The only strong thing about me is my legs, so I can rock out on some leg press. Not anymore, though.

I was also given things to do a couple times a day on my own, and I’ve not been so good about that. Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I’m supposed to do these stretches with a towel. I think I’ve managed to do them about half the time. Most of the time when I wake up it’s cuz I have the raging urge to pee, so it’s a little difficult to stop and do 3 minutes of stretches. I need Mike’s help with this one stretch I have to do, so I only seem to do that at night. I’m also supposed to use a rubber ball to do these stretches about a minute before I get up out of my chair. I ask you, do you know about a minute before you are going to need to get up out of your chair? It’s just weird.

Anyhoo… boring, but an update. .