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Poor Draco Malfoy

Poor Draco Malfoy

I’ve just returned from seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I think the film was very well done. Absolutely stunning cinematography, the music was bloody brilliant, and Michael Gambon‘s Dumbledore didn’t annoy me as much as he had in previous films. However, the one thing I kept finding myself thinking is … Poor Draco.

This even shocked me. I’ve hated that damn boy since the beginning. And in the films, Tom Felton seems to make me hate Draco that much more. I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t like Felton, or he really embraces the douchey-ness of Draco. Either way, mission accomplished. But in this film, you really see Draco struggling with what is right or wrong. While all the other kids are going to quidditch matches, going into town for Butter Beers, and snogging in the hallways, poor Draco is spending his free time repairing a magical cabinet so the Death Eaters can come attack the school. You know he comes from assholes, and I’m sure he feels the need to grow up to be an asshole too… nature versus nurture and all that… but you can still see his internal struggle. It even looks like it takes a bit of a physical toll on him too. He looks paler than usual, gaunt… and if he’s not careful, that grumpy sneer/frown thing he’s got going on is gonna get stuck that way.

In the end, Draco does not have to do the awful thing he’s been tasked with. Someone else does it for him. This may be his only saving grace in this particular year at Hogwart’s. He was just not meant to be a kid. Hell, even Harry Potter gets to have more fun than this poor fellah.

But, and this just occurred to me, maybe this is a perfect representation of karma. You treat people like crap long enough, it will come back to bite you in the skinny, pale, mean ass.

Self Determination

Self Determination

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. This is my latest short film. Granted, it was finished in December, but still…

Self Determination from Rimas Remeza on Vimeo.

SXSW 2009 – Day 1 – Friday

SXSW 2009 – Day 1 – Friday

I took the first day of SXSW off, even though the movies didn’t start until the evening. I have to have time to prepare you see. Rest, relax, basic slacking. I had planned on going to the panel on getting the most out of SXSW. But as usual I didn’t plan well. The traffic at 2 pm was worse than rush hour then combine that with the pouring rain. Not pretty. So it took me 45 minutes to get down to the convention center. I still needed to get my goodie bag. I managed to snag a meter spot and only had to pay 75 cents to park. Even that was overkill cuz it didn’t take me but ten minutes to get in and out. The ride home took me an hour cuz of the scared pansy drivers. You’d think it was ice and not just a wee bit of water.

Later, Mike and I headed down to Paramount to catch I Love You, Man. I went to my badge line which was INSANE and Mike went into his little film pass line. I got us seats, Mike was able to get in, and voila. The entire main cast were there and it was very cool to see them. Excuse the blurry picture, but we were quite far up the balcony.

The movie was hilarious. Paul Rudd was excellent. Understated, which made the hilarity that much more yanno, hilarious. The Q&A afterwards was a bit of a bummer, because Janet Pierson obviously didn’t think about what kinds of questions she would ask her first Q&A at her first screening of the first year as her being the director for the SXSW Film. If that were me, I think I would have practiced about 100 questions to ask. Just to have them in the pocket and ready to go. Instead of fumbling around, hemming & hawing. Bah. Makes me miss Matt Dentler, that’s for sure.

We stayed at Paramount and watched ExTerminators, with Heather Graham, Jennifer Coolidge, and Amber Heard. It was filmed in Austin, so that was excellent of course. It was about a group of ladies in an anger management group that decide to take matters into their own hands when it comes to the men in their lives. Very good stuff. Heather Graham was very good and I’m not usually that impressed with her. Mike also said she has “awesome boobs”. Yes, yes she does.

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me

Ok, I did this for Facebook, but I ended up digging it quite a bit, so I’m duplicating the post here. I’m also doing this in response to a tag I got from a fellow EntreCarder… Pinklady.  Thanks for those that tagged me on this!  It was hella fun.

1. I have very little sympathy for humans, but can cry over road kill. Animals are at our mercy people.

2. I have written 4 paragraphs of a vampire-type book I want to write. But that was over a year ago. I feel like me and creativity no longer know each other.

3. I eat meat, but I CANNOT deal with raw meat. It’s gross. The vegetarian husband cooks all my meat for me :D

4. My house burning down was one of the best things to happen to me. Except I lost all of my yearbooks.

5. I still feel like I’m a kid. I seriously don’t want to grow up. (Mom, I’ll never dress like an adult. It’s just not in me.)

6. I have a screw in my left fifth metatarsal. I broke said bone while walking on a flat surface, wearing flat (but 2 inch soles) shoes. According to my husband, I went to the “Aggie School of Walking”. I will never hear the end of this. Also, if I sit cross-legged with my left foot on the floor, I can feel the head of the screw.

7. I cannot seem to grasp the importance of taking care of myself. The basics are painful to me. Eating, sleeping, drinking water, facial regimens, makeup… These things take way more work than they should. My husband has to constantly remind me to eat.

8. I desperately want a female BFF. Someone I can call and just chitchat with if I wanted to. Or even better… show up at her house and just hang. What a friggin’ concept.

9. Not only do I absolutely adore Justin Timberlake, but I have a really unexplainable love of all things catchy and poppy.

10. I really love listening to Rap/Hip-Hop at insanely high volumes.

11. I know a lot of ladies think they are gross, but I only use OB tampons.

12. I wouldn’t be brokenhearted if I never have a kid. I’m just too spoiled and selfish.

13. I cannot be the person who breaks a spine on a book. I read a book just opened enough to see the words.

14. I will never not dye my hair anything but red. It’s an obsession… or a mistake by nature. I should have just been born that way.

15. I’m seriously contemplating getting gastric bypass/lap-band.

16. I have a word doc for every television show I’ve ever watched. I keep track of what episodes I have & have not seen. Don’t judge.

17. I scan in every single receipt that my husband and I get. Granted, it does help with taxes, but still. It’s kinda weird, I know.

18. I’ve been rejected by SXSW twice for the same short film that I wrote/produced/edited, but I’m still giddy that I even have something to submit to a film festival. Hollah!

19. I feel like I talk too much, and am far too open with what I talk about, so that makes people not like me. (Perhaps reason for lack of #8). You’d think this would shut me up, but I think it just proves that nothing can shut me up.

20. I feel like I’m maybe two bad incidents from being an agoraphobe.

21. I’m damn proud of my 2 years in individual therapy and the 3 years in group therapy, and have never been afraid to tell anyone. I’d highly recommend group therapy for pretty much anyone. I think we as people really have no clue how to communicate with others with any degree of decent depth.

22. I really dislike it when someone touches my fortune cookie before I do (excluding the server, of course). Most of my friends/family know this and are very good about it. Thanks buddies!

23. I adore monotonous, tedious, even repetitive tasks. I’m about to take up knitting. It’ll be a BLAST!

24. If I ever get a tattoo, it’ll be on the top of my foot. Possibly a Shakespeare quote. However, I can’t quite get to that level of commitment.

25. I miss my eyebrow piercing.

I present to you…

I present to you…

You can see the full video in it’s HD glory, by going directly to it on Vimeo. Or you can watch the embedded on here. I hope you enjoy.

Socially from Andrea Olivier on Vimeo.

…. and CUT!

…. and CUT!

We “premiered” our movie at the Dobie today for class. I was surprisingly not too terribly nervous. After watching it, I was actually pretty proud. I’m working on getting it on youtube. I just want to make sure it doesn’t look like complete crap, like so many other videos on there,  so I’m touching up a couple things. I’m really glad that we finally have something done.


It’s definitely got me fired up to do the next thing. I am going to start writing up my next idea soon. I think I’m going to give myself a wee bit of a deadline so that it doesn’t end up last forever. I’m going to say two weeks for a first draft. Yah, definitely. I pretty much have the complete idea, but I need to work out the whole particulars.

Writing this seems kinda difficult. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here, so please excuse me if this is really lame. I’ll have to get into the habit of writing again.

I’ll post the movie once I have it up on youtube.

Quiet on the Set!

Quiet on the Set!

We starting filming on the short film this weekend. It was pretty awesome. I was a bit nervous about it, to say the least, but all went well. Our lead actress is awesome, and she’s fun to be around too. You gotta be able to have fun while all this is going down. There’s a lot of time between setups and it can be tedious. There are some pictures from Day 1 from Rod Cole, our director of photography. Alev, Rob’s wife, took pictures from Day 2.



I have been doing my writings most everyday. However, I’m too damn busy to post ’em lately. Why am I busy?, you may wonder.

Well, we are shooting my short film this weekend. We have our production meeting tomorrow, then shooting Saturday & Sunday, and also Thursday of next week. It’s craziness. We’ll be using 2 Sony HVR-Z1U HDV cameras, we’ve got 4 microphones I believe, a Lowell light set, and a hand-made steadycam contraption. My brother Rob will be my director, a co-worker is going to be director of photography, husband Mikey is sound/boom operator dude, and I am producer & writer.

Wish us luck!



I finished my script. I called it Socially. It’s about a girl that is on the verge of agoraphobia, but after much therapy is at a better place. She finally takes the plunge and hosts an event at her house, only to have no one show up. Thus, throwing her back into the old headspace, and finalizing the agoraphobia.

I was really worried about the feedback I was going to get. I mean, you don’t want to be told you have to basically start over or anything. I just got the notes on my script back, and I have to say I’m really pleased. Great advice, and I honestly felt like overall she viewed it as a solid start.

Now, on to the rewrite. You get over the stress of one thing, only to have it replaced with a new one. Such is life :D

From Script-to-Screen

From Script-to-Screen

Rob’s birthday was this past Sunday. The whole fam pitched in and we signed him (and me!) up for Kat Candler‘s Script to Screen class held at The Austin School of Film downtown. We started class this past Tuesday, and it was most excellent. There were 18 people there I think, and quite a different bunch of people. That is actually one of the reasons I wanted to take it besides the film aspect — meeting new people.

This first week’s assignment is kinda stressing me out! I knew that we had to write a script the first week, but I just thought it would just be like POP! or VOILA! in da head, and magically appear on the page or something. Hard as hell. I think I could probably write a full feature easier than a 5-minute short. It’s intense. I think I finally figured out something to write about last night. I whipped up 2 pages in about an hour too. So, I’m finally beginning to feel some hope. I’m not really caring if I make this or not. I really just want to make a film, I don’t necessarily care if it’s mine. At least, not yet anyway.

At the end of class, on April 26th, we will be screening our films at Dobie. The thought makes me kinda nauseous.