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Random funny from the world o’ Mikey

Random funny from the world o’ Mikey

Just a bit of background.

We have three kitties. Sundae is white with one blue eye and one green eye and she thinks she is a friggin' queen in this house. Mike doesn't help with his constant spoiling of her. We have a kitty named Mama. She is named such because she was once an outside stray that had a litter of kitties in our backyard. She is now an indoor kitty. When we brought her in the house, we discovered she was deaf. Not completely, but very deaf. So, now she is a permanent indoor kitty. She's got kind of an overall gray look about her, but she pretty much has every color in the mix. Not the prettiest mix of colors, but she's still one of my cuties.  One of her babies from that backyard litter is also one of our babies. Her name is Toe. Yes, as in a foot digit. She is such a sweet little thing. She doesn't ask for much. She just likes her daily outside trips to eat some grass and adventure around the garden area. She's mostly black with some orange undertones. 

Another bit of info… We have 2 water bowls. One metal one, and one of those fresh flowing kinds that has a water pump and makes the water flow and stuff. Sundae, white kitty, drinks from the fountain-y one. Other two drink from the metal bowl. I have no idea why, but that's just how they do. So, to sum up … 1 white kitty & 2 non-white kitties.

A few minutes ago, Mike makes a funny…

"Wow, Sundae is slumming. She's drinking from the colored kitty bowl." 

I laughed forever. Goodtimes.