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I don’t believe I mentioned this, but I bought a Mac Pro. I just got it today and this is my first post from my new most wondermous macalicious machine. This is my very first ever! Mac. I figure go big or go home. There’s no dipping in of the toe into the Mac-pool. You just gotta dive in. I got it mostly for film/video work, and if anything will be able to handle it, it’s this 8-cpu behemoth.

The goal is to get move off my old windows machine, and get solely on the Mac. I’ll probably use Boot Camp to install a Windows (dunno if XP or Vista, since Vista blew on my brand new hardware previously). Once I get all that going, and everything moved off the old system, Mike will get my old case & hardware. It’s a really really awesome case. It’s so dang quiet. His current system’s sound closely resembles a jet engine idling on the runway, so it will be for the good of all in the house that we get that sucker out of commission.

Mike took pictures of me unpacking the new baby. I’m sure I’ll post ’em later.

Oh, and do not fret for poor Mikey. I couldn’t let him feel left out. So, I gave him an early anniversary present today — an 8gb iPod nano with that Nike+iPod thingy. Now all he has to do is get those Nike+ shoes and run to his heart’s content. I just read that they are starting to integrate that Nike+ stuff into gym equipment which will then upload your info to your Nike+ account or something. Cool, yet entirely creepy. Anyhoo, I digress.

I am now a Mac owner.