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Holiday Humbug

Holiday Humbug

It’s Immi’s first Christmas. I should be elated, overjoyed, ecstatic even. In some ways I am, but in other ways I’m not.

Sonogram 20111128-blogLet me introduce you to Connor Elliot Olivier (Baby A), brother and twin of Imogen Marie Olivier (Baby B). Some people know about him, but most don’t. This time last year was literally the worst time of my life. I do not exaggerate. It was miserable.

The Monday after Thanksgiving we went in for a routine appointment with our high-risk OB. Since we were doing IVF, and I’m wicked old, and I’d lost a baby, I’m high risk. Go figure. So, we go to our appointment, only to find out that one of the babies has heart issues. We did further testing and found out that the twins were a boy and a girl. The boy had the heart problems. He would most likely not survive much longer. We already had a trip to Hawaii booked. We went to Maui & Kauai. It was a beautiful trip, but I was pretty miserable the entire time. I couldn’t stop thinking about the baby boy. Was he still alive? Was he getting worse right this second? How was the girl? Would she know about her brother deep down? Would she miss him? It was just a total mindfuck all around.

We were both so miserable, we didn’t do anything for Christmas. I did manage to put up our tree 3 days before Christmas. I was glad I did. Our cat Toe, who we also call “Christmas Kittie”,  LURVS her some Christmas tree. She can’t get enough. She likes to lay under the tree belly-up staring up at the tree when it’s all lit up. It gave me a little happiness when there was none to be found. That also reminds me. This time last year we had all our 3 kitties. They were all healthy, alive, and cozy lovely. (We’ve lost 2 of them this year – Sundae in March, and Mama (aka Walla) in October.)

We ate Christmas dinner at Threadgill’s. Usually that would bum me out, but it was actually kind of awesome. The food was delicious and it was a great vibe there. We didn’t have to fake being all holiday cheerful with family or anything. No pretending, just the two of us at a restaurant eating good southern food. I even cheated on my gluten-freeness and ate some chicken-fried chicken. Treat for me, but I definitely paid for it about an hour later. Quickest reaction I’d ever had. S’ok, it was totes worth it.

My mom came to visit after Christmas since we were so miserable, and she wanted to hug me. She’s a great mom that way. While she was here, we found out on December 30th that Connor was gone. There was some risk to Imogen, the next couple weeks would be stressful too. Once we passed those couple of weeks I thought we were in the clear.

But we all know the risk was not over. The reason Immi came early was Connor. He had settled onto my cervix and my cervix started to thin. Thus, I was put into the hospital on bed rest. I gave birth to Connor on April 3rd. Immi was born April 7th.

EDITED TO ADD: I started writing this about a week before Christmas. In that time, maybe because of putting these thoughts into words, I was able to get more into the Christmas spirit. My only regret is that my mom and brother weren’t with me. But otherwise, it was a pretty fantastic holiday. Next year will be oodles and oodles better even, I imagine. Immi will be older and I’m guessing more into getting gifts and whatnot. I’ll actually do stocking stuffers, and maybe even shop earlier than a week before Christmas. I will always think of Connor with a bit of sadness this time of year, but for Immi it will always be a happy time. I’m sure the pain will lessen every year that passes. I will always remember 2011 for being the year I lost my 2 baby boys. It was a total suck ass year. But, I’ll look into Immi’s eyes, and it will always make me smile. I might not have my boys, but I do have her. And she is precious and magical and the happiest baby I’ve ever encountered. I really can’t ask for more than that.

So, with that, I say Happy Holidays.

Mau’i – Day 7, Hawai’i – Day 12

Mau’i – Day 7, Hawai’i – Day 12

Sunday, July 13th

We woke up at 2am. Why such weird hours, you may wonder? We have to get ready to head up to Haleakala for the sunrise. We managed to get out of the condo just before 3am, and started our 2+ hour drive up the volcano. The volcano is 10,023 feet, and the drive was constant switchbacks. Everytime we saw an elevation sign we would check the temperature. It seemed like we were losing 2-3 degrees for every 1000 feet.We got up there around 5am, and the park ranger told us that the sunrise was expected to be around 5:45am. Right before we left the car we checked the temp and it was 34 degrees. We had planned for it, but we still didn’t have enough clothing to keep warm. *shiver*

We went to the lookout point and managed to snag an awesome spot to wait. I tried to stay warm by constantly shaking or moving around. A park ranger comes out to us and starts to tell us about everything we can see from up there. We can actually see Mauna Kea on the Big Island from up here. After much waiting, the sun starts to slowly make it’s way to us. Oh, it was so worth the wait and the cold. We watched that for quite awhile. And I of course managed to burn my eyes up a bit. We walked around a little bit, and then headed back out. I fell asleep before we even got to the lower parking lot which was maybe 200 ft away.

I woke up just as we were arriving at the condo at 9am. Mike decides he wants to sleep instead of packing. This perturbs me a bit cuz we have to be out of the condo by 11am. As I am taking some trash out, the maids are already there and waiting to clean. I tell them we will be leaving at 11am. I know they had more guests coming that night, but still. We did manage to leave at 11am on the dot.

We head into Kahului to go to the CostCo to return some stuff we didn’t even open, and to get some macadamia nuts for some gifts. We decided to drive all the way to Kihei to eat at a different Maui Tacos than we had before. Before going there, we went to Longs Drug Store to get envelopes to send off our gifts. Right across the street from that is a post office. It dawns on me that it’s a Sunday, but then I figure I could use the Automated Postal Center. When we get there, the APC is down and not selling postage. Of course not, that would be too easy. So, we head to Maui Tacos, eat entirely too much food there, then head back into Kahului to find another post office.

We managed to find it, but this one doesn’t even have an APC. Ummmm… it’s not like we can take this on the plane. I absolutely refuse to pay the airlines extra money cuz my bags will end up overweight. And I’m already going to be carrying on too much. What the hell are we gonna do?!?!?! Oh, wait, can I just buy some stamps and pop it in the mail. Nope, because I mail so much stuff on PaperBackSwap and SwapADVD, I happen to know that you cannot mail something that is heavier than 13 ounces with just stamps without handing it to a postal worker. Weird rule, but I’ve been bitten by it before, so I know not to try that. As we are driving around, we see a Pak Mail that is actually open. OMG. These people are nothing but thieves! They won’t ship it for anything less than Priority Mail and that is like $20 per package, and we have 4. Their reasoning for using Priority Mail was silly, but whatever. I’d rather pay them than the airlines any day.

Because Mama’s Fish House was so amazing, we made dinner reservations there for 5:00pm. We still have some time to kill, so we drive towards that area and go to the beach we saw before that had some windsurfers. We hit it big. There were tons of surfers and TONS of windsurfers. Mike went out to watch ’em out there, and I stayed in the car and watched them. There were so many people out at that beach, but I had a great view of all the windsurfers, and it just mesmerized me.

After that we drove into Paia and then past that into Makawao Town (Cowboy Town), got gas, and managed to be late for our reservation at Mama’s. Mike had an Uku dish cooked in upcountry style, and I had the mahi mahi dish Mike had at our previous visit. Very good. Ridiculous how good their food is. We also made sure to have one more Scorpion before we left the island. Mike even managed to get the recipe from the bartender for it. Excellent.

We headed to Alamo to return our rental car, and I almost forgot my wallet in the car. We got to the terminal and put our bags through the agriculture inspection, then TSA. Then we went to get our boarding passes, and we have one bag at 44 lbs, and the other at 54 lbs or something. Mike took them and moved stuff around so they would both be under the 50 lb restriction. I refuse to pay the airlines more for baggage crap. Hate airline fees. Bastards. Anyway… Mike did that, but was told he had to go back through the whole process. So, back to the Ag inspection, back to TSA, and finally off we go. We couldn’t have timed it better. We had a few minutes before boarding started and it dawns on me that I think I forgot my glasses in their case in the rental car. Mike called Alamo for me, and since we didn’t have time to go get them, he arranged for Alamo to mail ’em to us and charge us. They only charged us $10 for fedex, so not bad.

We got on the plane, and Mike was out pretty quickly. I actually stayed awake and watched Horton Hears A Who, I shouldn’t have bothered, but then after that I completely conked out. I can never sleep on a plane. Not truly sleep. But I slept all the way until just before landing in LAX. THEN, I actually managed to do the same thing all the way to Austin. Couldn’t have asked for better, it seems so fast when you’re asleep the whole time!

When we arrived at the house, my office Aeron chair was completely coated in white Sundae fur. I think she may have actually missed me!

Mau’i – Day 6, Hawai’i – Day 11

Mau’i – Day 6, Hawai’i – Day 11

Saturday, July 12th

Mike woke up at 6am to see if he could find us a snorkeling cruise out to Molokini Crater. He found one with Pacific Whale Foundation @ 7:45. We got lucky. The boat we were on usually holds 100 ppl, but for whatever reason we only had 22. It made for a great casual trip. When we got to Molokini the water was quite choppy. However, right as we were getting in the water it got much better. It was great. There were tons of fish here, and I even got to see this wicked looking eel. Because the weather had gotten so nice and calm, the captain took us around the back of Molokini as we were leaving the area. He showed us all the damage the military did to it. (Just like they did with Kahoolawe). They used it as a bombing target practice because it’s silhouette was similar to an aircraft carrier. You can still see bullet holes and other big gouges in the side. You can see normal natural erosion on the other side of it. Big difference. It makes me sick to see what we as a country or maybe just the military are willing to do sometimes. Why would that seem like an OK thing to do? It just truly baffles me.

We headed to another area that the captain called “Dirty Harry Bay” cuz Clint Eastwood has a house right there by the water. It’s also called Turtle Arches, cuz there are lots of turtles under these coral arch things. It wasn’t the clearest of water, but we did manage to see a couple turtles. There was a whitetip reef shark under an arch that our instructor Steve found by quite the surprise. I didn’t validate that myself. I trust that it was there and scared the crap out of him. On our way back into Maalaea Harbor, we saw 3-4 turtles surface for air right near the boat. Much better views than our previous turtle exposure. One even stayed up for a LONG time, I think he was hamming it up for all the cameras.

We got back into the harbor, put our stuff into the car, and then ate lunch at Beach Bum’s Bar & Grill. Nothing special, but it got the job done.

We left and headed out to West/West Maui in search of the best banana bread on the planet. At least according to the writer of our Maui guide. We stopped at two places in Kahakuloa Town — Julia’s and Lorraine’s. We got banana bread at both, and a shave ice from Lorraine’s. Julia’s was definitely supreme. Definitely the best one we’d had on Maui for sure.

Shortly after Kahakulua we came upon the area where the Nakalele Blowhole is. We noticed a ton of broken car window glass bits all over the ground where you park for it. Not a reassuring thing. We just stayed up on the top there and didn’t hike down to the Blowhole. This was already a long day and we were just exhausted. We sat on the cliff area up there and just watched the blowhole going nuts. We definitely got there at a good time of day.

We came back to the condo around 5:30pm. Mike immediately went to sleep, and I started packing and doing general clean-up, then finally went to bed at 7:15pm.

Mau’i – Day 5, Hawai’i – Day 10

Mau’i – Day 5, Hawai’i – Day 10

Friday, July 11th

The usual morning. We actually went to the beach at our condo for the first time and took a dip and a snorkel. The waves were pretty rough out there so I didn’t snorkel too much. I ended up just hanging out in the water enjoying the waves smacking into me. No, seriously, I REALLY love getting pummeled by waves. It’s so much fun!

After that, we packed up to go snorkeling in La Perouse Bay. On our way there we stopped at a little food stand called Makena Grill and got some fish tacos and macaroni & cheese. Weird combo, yes.. but tasty food. It was so good. The tacos had a pineapple salsa on them. I didn’t even mind the cilantro that much. The mac&chz had a very smoky flavor to them. I guess from the smoker they use to cook much of everything. It was really good though.

We went further down that road and ended up parking in a lot where the road ended. It was very strange. Imagine a big gravel parking lot, and then imagine that gravel is lava rock. See, strange. We walked up the road there to find the trailhead to get to the snorkeling spot known as the Aquarium. Mike had already been to this spot before I got here, and he told me it was a pretty flat trail with only a little bit of climbing over boulders or big rocks. The boy was apparently on some really good drugs when he went the first time or something because that hike was horrible. In what the guides say should take no more than 30 minutes, took us 90 minutes. Why so long, you wonder? Mike couldn’t remember how to get there. And so we seemed to be off trail most of the time and we were doing nothing but climbing and dealing with lava rocks and whatnot. After awhile I was so tired and my legs were so wobbly, it was just getting scary to continue. So, of course I started to cry like a ninny. My legs were shaking, I was scratched in a few places from the lava rock and the weather was kinda crap. Despite my whining and crying, we managed to make it there, and I’m so glad we did. This was, by far, the best snorkeling I’ve ever done to date. Insane. It was the first time I truly felt like I was intruding on their turf. It was just gorgeous. The water was freezing.. FREEZING… and the wind was blowing hard, but it was awesome. At one point, Mike got my attention and started pointed behind me and there was this HUMONGOLOID green sea turtle. It just glided by us like it didn’t have a care in the world. It had some weird barnacle looking things on him. Later we found out they were a type of tumors. Poor guy. We managed to find a bit of an actual trail on the way back so it was a lot faster leaving.

We drove back to Napili, grabbed a tasty MickyD’s beverage. On our way back to the condo, we decided to tour a local neighborhood called Kahana Ridge. We saw a house for sale in the area and grabbed a flyer to see how much. An awesome looking house 1900ish sq ft… yours for only $918,000. Yeeow.

Back to condo. I had managed to snag some trial size hair conditioner, and I showered and conditioned my hair 3 times. This was the first time since I’d been in Hawaii. My hair felt like straw. Oh, it was so refreshing to have my hair feel so nice again.

We went and had dinner on Front Street in Lahaina at a pizza joint called BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria. Excellent deep dish pizza. Yum. We walked around down there a bit, and wandered into an art gallery called Diamond Head Art Gallery. Random, yes, but it ended up being really cool. We saw this one artist’s work that I just fell in love with — Leohone. The ones I saw were all of Hawaiians and their ancestors sort of like spirits around them. There was this one of a really tired guy that can’t paddle his boat, and you see the ancestors helping him. It was just gorgeous.

I don’t have any pictures of this day because we used the disposible camera. Once we get them scanned in, I’ll put some up.

NOTE: I just found out today that the area where we snorkeled – La Perouse Bay – has been closed as of August 1, 2008 for 2 years. They are worried about preserving the area. It’s crazy! We just made it before it got closed. I feel so lucky. Here are some news stories about it.

Mau’i – Day 4, Hawai’i – Day 9

Mau’i – Day 4, Hawai’i – Day 9

Thursday, July 10th

Mike had to get up early for scuba. So, I slept in… til 8:30 even! Did the morning thing of breakfast on the lanai. Then I proceeded to lay on the bed with my iPod to listen to an audiobook. And of course, I fell back asleep until 12:30.  When Mike got back he was crazy starving, so we got lunch at Maui Tacos. I had a Wet Napili Burrito. It was so good. Even better than the first Maui Tacos outing. Mike then needs to crash, so we go home and he sleeps, while I read and sleep. We finally wake up cuz we had to get up for Warren & Annabelle’s.

We managed to wake up late and got there about 15-20 minutes late. I thought it was a hard set time, but we were allowed in. When we arrived we were given a key and then ushered into this room with 4 doors and a bookshelf. We were given some clues and had to figure out where to unlock the room so we could get into the main room. We put it into one door based on a clue, and we were wrong. I think we may have tried another door and then finally got it.  (I won’t ruin it for others who haven’t yet attended a show there.) We selected some place to sit and ordered apps and drinks. Everything was very tasty. We were then given quite the show with a ghost playing a piano and a waitress singing along. Slightly cheesy, but still really fun. We were asked if we wanted to be in the front row for the magic show, and I begrudgingly agreed. This was truly what I didn’t want, but I figured I would try to be brave. We then went into the magic theater and I got the first spot to the left of the magician. This had me very worried, and rightly so. This spot ended up being prime picking-on spot. I had a whole lot to do with the first magician, and not quite as much with the second. Oh yah, we weren’t able to see Warren cuz he was on vacation, so we saw a couple other guys — John Shryock, and Dana Daniels. I found John Shryock more entertaining by far.

We left there and were back at the condo by 9:30pm. Crashed.

Such a rough day of sleeping :D

Mau’i – Day 3, Hawai’i – Day 8

Mau’i – Day 3, Hawai’i – Day 8

Wednesday, July 9th

Had the “usual” morning of breakfast on the lanai. How easy such things become the norm. “Yes, I lounge about on my lanai to eat my meals, while I look upon the beautiful water and beach, don’t you?” Slowly – very slowly – we started to get ready for the Road to Hana. We had planned to get up really early to go up to Haleakala for the sunrise, but we had an alarm snafu. So, Road to Hana it is. In between getting ready we laid back down. So nice to laze about. We finally got the energy and left the condo at 11ish.

We decided to have lunch in Paia at a place called Cafe Mambo. The book didn’t think the place was stellar but it looked like our kind of place. We stepped in, and we were right. It reminded us of Austin even with it’s very hippie-artsy vibe. We had their Sesame & Nori Tofu Fajitas, and they were most excellent. No idea what the author of the guide ordered, but it definitely wasn’t these fajitas.

We then continued on past Mama’s Fish House and onto the Road to Hana, this was after 12. Yeeeiiikes. The road was crazy. There are supposed to be a ton of waterfalls on this road, but we didn’t see too many. We did get out for a couple, but it got old real quick to see they were trickles. Apparently this is the dry time of the year, so they tend to be a bit lacking. Maybe next time then.

We stopped in Ke’anae, this wee little village type place on a peninsula, and stopped for some banana bread and shave ice – guava flavored. Mmmmmm. Best shave ice yet. Saved the banana bread for later. We stopped just a couple of miles past Ke’anae at the Halfway to Hana store and got more banana bread there. More driving through lush hills with the occasional rotting mango stink. Just before Hana, we stopped at the Honokalani Black Sand Beach in the Wainapanapa State Park. Mike hiked down it, I didn’t. I looked at it from above. I just wasn’t in the mood to get covered in sand.  Plus, it was so gorgeous from my view, I just didn’t imagine it got much better. We got to Hana, drove around there a bit (not much to see there), and then started back. I didn’t want to be driving that crazy road at night. On the way back we stopped at another little roadside stand and got some hot sweet corn on the cob. It’s hard for me to pass up corn on the cob after getting out of braces. Yes, I understand I got out of braces 3 years ago, but you be in braces for 5.5 years and not have some degree of food related trauma, I dare you.

Right before Mama’s Fish House we stopped to have a wee tinkle and admire the stunning view. The water is must choppier on this side of the island, but apparently it makes for perfect wind-surfing conditions. We saw a few out there, but nothing crazy. We still watched them for a bit before heading back through Paia, then to Lahaina. We decided to eat in Lahaina at Bubba Gump’s. It’s a chain, but neither one of us have eaten there, so why not try it for the first time in Maui? On our walk along Front Street to Bubba Gump’s, I wanted to stop at Na Hoku, a Hawaiian jeweler. I don’t necessarily like to admit this, but I saw an ad in the Hawaiian Airlines magazine for a necklace that I really took a liking to instantly. We did go in, and I took a look, but without touching. If I don’t touch, I don’t have to have. But man-oh-man, I wanted it. I knew the one in the ad for the $299 price was going to be small, and it was, but the next size up was a whopper of a price difference. I decided to think it over, and we just went to eat.

I was very tired, so it wasn’t much more than ordering and eating. Not too much in the way of conversation or anything. Just wiped. The food was OK there, nothing to write on your blog about or anything. We headed out and decided to go back into Na Hoku. This time I did touch, and tried on the small one and the bigger one. Sure enough, the bigger one looked perfect on me. Even Mike agreed the bigger one was better. We sifted through some different chains and I found a 20-inch one I loved to go with it. Then after that purchase we were informed that we qualified for a free pearl at The Pearl Factory store next door. We popped over there, and picked out a fresh oyster from a bucket and they opened it to reveal the pearl inside. The tricky thing here is now they want to sell you a setting for said “free” pearl. After much haggling with the persistent salesman, I finally ended up with their cheap ring setting. It took work though. Quite the scam these stores have together.

We head back to the condo, and I’m giddy the whole way cuz of my new sparkly bling. Off to bed though. There’s always tomorrow to admire the gorgeousness.

Mau’i – Day 2, Hawai’i – Day 7

Mau’i – Day 2, Hawai’i – Day 7

Tuesday, July 8th

After breakfast on the condo’s lanai, we walked all of 100 feet or so to Snorkel Bob’s to rent me some snorkel gear. We then got ready, and headed to Honolua Bay for some snorkeling. We were using our Maui Revealed guide and we weren’t completely sure where it was. On the way there, in one of those one way construction areas where they have to stop one direction of traffic for the other, we were offered some Maui Wowie from the waiting car on the opposite direction. Interesting sales tactic, I thought. Laughing about that, we continued, and did find the entrance to the trail to Honolua without too much hassel. The trail was pretty cool. It was very jungle-y. Very dense vegetation. At one point, it starts to smell funny and I notice a bunch of mangoes all over the ground. The smell would be something we would get to know quite well in Maui. Old, rotting, fermenting mangoes…. *shudder* We continue our trespassing hike towards the bay, and arrive to a moderately busy rock/boulder beach. I really do dislike the hardship of rock type beaches. With some effort, we eventually get into the water and head out away from the other folks. It was really nice, though slightly murky. Saw all kinds of different fishies. Still no turtle, but we did hear a lady say she saw them out there. Bah.

Woo.. that couple of hours in the sun is just tiring! So, we went back to the condo and napped. What was funny about our naps, were that most of the time they weren’t intended. We would just end up laying on the bed thinking of something to do, being lazy, enjoying the surf noise, and poof, we’d be out. Based on recommendations from the guest book in the condo, as well as a couple we met at the lu’au, we made reservations for dinner at Mama’s Fish House. We then went out to our beach, and walked around the bend over some big boulders, and ate lunch at Gazebo’s. Which is literally a gazebo by the beach that serves food. It has maybe 12 tables in the whole joint, so we waited for about 30ish minutes. Nothing too bad. I had a Monte Cristo and Mike had some veggie burger I think. Not bad Not bad. Oh, and while we were eating, this bigass pigeon landed on this dude’s head behind Mike. It was funny, cuz this was a damn big bird, and the guy said he thought “Someone was getting fresh with him”.

I really can’t remember what we did next, hmmm.. maybe we ate then napped. Dunno, but there definitely was food and sleeping in some order.

Later on, we decided to head out towards the other side of the island for Mama’s Fish House. We headed out way early, with plenty of time to find the place. Well, right as we get past Paia, we see the traffic slow and a cop on the road. We quickly figure out it’s an accident and wait for a few minutes there. Once we realize we might be stuck for awhile, I look for an alternate route to Mama’s. I find one, so we turn around and head that way. This was when I first learned that if a road is on the map in Maui it doesn’t mean that’s it’s paved. It was mostly a dirt road through what looked like farm fields. And it also appeared that others in the other direction were having the same idea we did about bypassing the accident. So, we finally get back out to the main road on the other side, and realize we are stuck on this side too. That was good for a guffaw. As people turned around, and traffic move ahead every so slowly, we managed to get to the entrance of Mama’s Fish House and made our reservation right on time. Good thing we left early.

This place is nice. It’s close to the beach, it’s a very nice upscale place but has a great warm feeling still. We grab drinks at the bar as they are getting our table ready, then we get seated at a window seat facing the beach. And I mean facing the beach. Our table was a half circle table with the flat end up against the window, and we looked out the open window to the beach at night. We might not have been able to see much of the beach, but it was still quite beautiful. We got an appetizer of crab cakes that had a fire & ice relish that was insane. Mike ordered a mahi mahi dish, and I got a shrimp & pork tenderloin dish. We ended with the black mousse pearl dessert. So pretty it was almost a shame to eat. But not quite :D

Drove back to condo. Crashed.

Mau’i – Day 1, Hawai’i – Day 6

Mau’i – Day 1, Hawai’i – Day 6

Monday, July 7th
I woke up at 7:15am. I didn’t sleep so great cuz I was too worried that I wouldMikey Solon’t hear my cell’s alarm. Got ready, and then went downstairs to meet up with the airport shuttle at 7:45am. I didn’t want to wake the girls, but I was able to say ciao to Erika before I left. Got to the airport around 8:45am, self-checked and then had a bit of an issue with TSA cuz I had a ziploc full of tiny shampoo bottles I forgot to tell them about. No biggie in the end. Just make sure you claim any liquid you have on you before they go looking for it. The flight was only 30 minutes from Honolulu to Kahului (Maui).

Mike was there when I arrived which was really nice! I was so happy to see his mug. Mike had Old Lahaina Luaualready been snorkeling before he came to get me and said he was worried he wasn’t going to make it in time, but he did. After he picked me up, we went to CostCo to grab some food & alcohol stuffs. Also went to Wal-Mart to get some reef shoes, beach mats, and other beach-y paraphernalia.

We then headed out towards Lahaina, which is about an hour from Kahului.  We stop at Longs Drug Store & Safeway to grab a few more things, then stop at Maui Tacos for lunch. It was really good. Once we got to the condo in Napili Bay, we took a long nap. I was knackered. With Our WaiterWe eventually got up and got ready for the lu’au.

We then went to the Old Lahaina Lu’au. It was hot as hell and I made the awful mistake of wearing make-up. I was literally melting. Geeeez. The sun could not set fast enough. I ended up liking this lu’au a whole lot more than the first one overall. It was smaller and felt less like an amusement park than the first one. The food was also better and felt more hawaiian than the one at Paradise Cove.

We went back to the condo, I cleaned up a bit, and then off to bed.

An apology… and a tease

An apology… and a tease

So, at the very last minute, I decided to not take my laptop with me to Hawaii. So, that is why it’s been so long for an update. However, I did take tons of notes, so that I would forget nothing. I will hopefully begin those updates very shortly. Like today… or this weekend at the latest.

In the meantime, I will tease you with a picture of the view from our condo’s lanai (that’s patio/deck for all you haoles)…