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Typed before a LIVE kittie audience

Typed before a LIVE kittie audience

So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but the Bro and I have become producers at the Public Access Community Television channels here in Austin. What that means is we paid a yearly fee and now we’re called “producers”. Heh.

In order to be able to rent out equipment or use their editing stuff or studios, we have to take classes to become certified in those areas. Everyone begins with TV101. Three evenings of 2-hour classes that could bore you to tears. Most of the talk for this class was what you can and cannot put on public access TV — what constitutes commercialism and obscenity and all that jazz. Rob and I did discover that pretty much anything we think of is considered officially “obscene”. So, while frustrating in a producing sense, it was quite an honor. One night was actually fun. A lady that runs the joint did a class on production planning. She’s actually been out there and done real stuff, so she had some good stories. She actually was the producer for Survivor: Malaysia. So, she had all her notebooks from that, and told us some fun tales. That night did go by entirely too fast.

The last week of November, we took quite a few classes to try to get them knocked out. We took Basic Cam, Audio, Dub Rack, and Intro to Final Cut Pro. Basic Cam was very useful. It was 3 days of 3-hour classes. Rob and I teamed up, of course, and we got to film each other and be silly. Then people got to watch it. We entertained our instructor, so we felt a sense of accomplishment. Audio was just 2 hours and was mostly about different types of microphones and how to wire up for sound. Dub Rack was also 2 hours and it’s just how to use the Dub Rack to do your duplicating and playback, as they don’t want you using the cameras for extensive playback. On Saturday and Sunday (1st & 2nd), we took their Intro to Final Cut Pro. I really enjoyed this class, even though the only other student in there besides us, was a bit technologically challenged. Our instructor actually works for Apple, and works with the Final Cut Studio pretty much all day every day. So he knew his stuff. He was also pretty entertaining. Now I want a Mac, dammit.

Some of our future classes will be to get Mini Studio Certified, Advanced Cam, perhaps Advanced Final Cut Pro. Eventually we’ll do Main Studio too, but we’re not overly concerned with it yet, anyway.

So, you might be wondering, Pourquoi? Good question. Cuz we want to film the madness in our heads and make people watch it. It’ll be good times.