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Gobble Gobble, Hurl & RAWK!!!!

Gobble Gobble, Hurl & RAWK!!!!

Yes, it must be Thanksgiving I refer to.

The day after the game night, Mike and I quickly realized we will most definitely use our dining room table at full capacity — which is 8. Unfortunately we only had 4 chairs. We went over to Zinger hardware to see if we could at least grab 2 more. I figured we could definitely use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. However, I was worried we couldn’t get ’em cuz it took 3-months to get the first 4 chairs. But, it never hurts to try. We get there and see 2 of our chairs on the floor, but I wasn’t sure if they sell their floor models. They did. They threw some leather cleaner on ’em for us, and we hauled ’em off with our truck. Good to go.

Also after game night, it got decided that Thanksgiving would be at our place and we would have 3-4 other people there besides ourselves. I think that was mostly decided because we would be receiving Rock Band two days before Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, we ended up having my bro and his wife and Ben, a friend of ours. The food was awesome. We had ham (we hate turkey), green bean casserole, stewed tomatoes (drool), wild rice stuffing, pea salad, Tofurkey & fixin’s, my blueberry dessert, and a peanut butter pie that Ben made. Oh, and how could I forget the neverending supply of rolls. Rob must have his rolls & honey butter.

Before dinner & after, we rocked out with Rock Band. I think we were up til 2 or something ridiculous with the game. Since the Wednesday before was technically a “friday”, we rocked even later with the game, so by the end of the Thanksgiving rock out, most of us were a little burned out on the game. Not completely, just requiring a slight break. It is truly the greatest social game ever. No house should go without one.