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25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me

Ok, I did this for Facebook, but I ended up digging it quite a bit, so I’m duplicating the post here. I’m also doing this in response to a tag I got from a fellow EntreCarder… Pinklady.  Thanks for those that tagged me on this!  It was hella fun.

1. I have very little sympathy for humans, but can cry over road kill. Animals are at our mercy people.

2. I have written 4 paragraphs of a vampire-type book I want to write. But that was over a year ago. I feel like me and creativity no longer know each other.

3. I eat meat, but I CANNOT deal with raw meat. It’s gross. The vegetarian husband cooks all my meat for me :D

4. My house burning down was one of the best things to happen to me. Except I lost all of my yearbooks.

5. I still feel like I’m a kid. I seriously don’t want to grow up. (Mom, I’ll never dress like an adult. It’s just not in me.)

6. I have a screw in my left fifth metatarsal. I broke said bone while walking on a flat surface, wearing flat (but 2 inch soles) shoes. According to my husband, I went to the “Aggie School of Walking”. I will never hear the end of this. Also, if I sit cross-legged with my left foot on the floor, I can feel the head of the screw.

7. I cannot seem to grasp the importance of taking care of myself. The basics are painful to me. Eating, sleeping, drinking water, facial regimens, makeup… These things take way more work than they should. My husband has to constantly remind me to eat.

8. I desperately want a female BFF. Someone I can call and just chitchat with if I wanted to. Or even better… show up at her house and just hang. What a friggin’ concept.

9. Not only do I absolutely adore Justin Timberlake, but I have a really unexplainable love of all things catchy and poppy.

10. I really love listening to Rap/Hip-Hop at insanely high volumes.

11. I know a lot of ladies think they are gross, but I only use OB tampons.

12. I wouldn’t be brokenhearted if I never have a kid. I’m just too spoiled and selfish.

13. I cannot be the person who breaks a spine on a book. I read a book just opened enough to see the words.

14. I will never not dye my hair anything but red. It’s an obsession… or a mistake by nature. I should have just been born that way.

15. I’m seriously contemplating getting gastric bypass/lap-band.

16. I have a word doc for every television show I’ve ever watched. I keep track of what episodes I have & have not seen. Don’t judge.

17. I scan in every single receipt that my husband and I get. Granted, it does help with taxes, but still. It’s kinda weird, I know.

18. I’ve been rejected by SXSW twice for the same short film that I wrote/produced/edited, but I’m still giddy that I even have something to submit to a film festival. Hollah!

19. I feel like I talk too much, and am far too open with what I talk about, so that makes people not like me. (Perhaps reason for lack of #8). You’d think this would shut me up, but I think it just proves that nothing can shut me up.

20. I feel like I’m maybe two bad incidents from being an agoraphobe.

21. I’m damn proud of my 2 years in individual therapy and the 3 years in group therapy, and have never been afraid to tell anyone. I’d highly recommend group therapy for pretty much anyone. I think we as people really have no clue how to communicate with others with any degree of decent depth.

22. I really dislike it when someone touches my fortune cookie before I do (excluding the server, of course). Most of my friends/family know this and are very good about it. Thanks buddies!

23. I adore monotonous, tedious, even repetitive tasks. I’m about to take up knitting. It’ll be a BLAST!

24. If I ever get a tattoo, it’ll be on the top of my foot. Possibly a Shakespeare quote. However, I can’t quite get to that level of commitment.

25. I miss my eyebrow piercing.

Oh! Sweet Nectar Part Deux

Oh! Sweet Nectar Part Deux

In a followup to my Hint & MetroMint post a while back, I thought I would add that MetroMint has MetroMint ChocolateMintput out a new flavor. It’s ChocolateMint. And it’s friggin’ divine. You might think it does not sound refreshing, but you would be oh-so-incorrect. It’s very nice, light, and cool. Perhaps a good way to think of it is… it tastes like drinking a MetroMint Peppermint water after you’ve finished a chocolate bar (probably dark). I saw it on their website, and yes, the dork in me ordered a 5-pack to check it out. A couple weeks later, and it’s already in my local H.E.B. I love my H.E.B. They are quite quick to carry some unusual stuff.

Another water I’ve just Ayaladiscovered from my latest grocery store trek is Ayala’s Herbal Water. OMG, delish! I’ve only tried two flavors so far, but I think I’m hooked. I’ve had their jasmine vanilla & cloves cardamom cinnamon. The ccc one was a bit strong in flavor (according to Mikey), but I loved it. Very different, very natural tasting, and plenty sweet enough without actually using any sweetener. The jasmine vanilla was a bit lighter in flavor. They also have lemongrass mint vanilla, lavender mint lemongrass thyme, cinnamon orange peel, & ginger lemon peel. I can’t wait to try them all. Another bonus about Ayala is they are a carbon neutral company. Can you get much better than that?

Oh! Sweet Nectar

Oh! Sweet Nectar

I have some weird issues with drinking enough water. I go through stages where it is next to impossible to drink water. I can guzzle diet coke like nobody’s business. But water. It’s like it’s non-potable sludge. However, if I flavor it up with some lime or something I can usually drink the day away with it.

I used to drink FruitWater by Glaceau. The same people who do VitaminWater. Back when I used to drinkMetroMint it, they had tons of flavors like watermelon, cucumber, grape, lime. Probably like 10 or more flavors. Then suddenly they stopped making all those, and only made 4 flavors – raspberry, lime, grape, peach. The other stinger is they are now “lightly sweetened”. If there’s one thing I most certainly cannot tolerate in my water is a sweetener. I get migraines, and so I’m very sensitive to sugar, caffeine, and hydration in general. So, when I say I got nuts with DC it’s not that crazy because the caffeine can become too much. Anyhoo, I digress.

Once my FruitWater had gone and betrayed me with sweetener, I had to find other alternatives. I can’t remember how long, but it wasn’t terribly quick, I discovered MetroMint water… peppermint water that is not sweetened. And they say it’s not “flavored” since they use real mint. It is delightful. So refreshing. It’s been a couple years I think, and now they have 3 new flavors — spearmint, orangemint, and lemonmint. My least favorite is the spearmint, but I do love them all.

At the beginning of this summer, while on a mission to get some Function Urban Detox (excellent forFunction Urban Detox hangovers – drink half before bed, half when you wake) at the Whole Foods downtown I saw a bottle I hadn’t seen before. It appeared to be a flavored water, so I inspect the label to see what sweetener is used or how many calories it has. And I see the most loveliest of slogans on the bottle “Drink Water, Not Sugar”. I was immediately in love, so I wanted to buy everything they had. Mike, being the more sane of us, told me to just get a couple in case it tasted like complete ass. He’s wise, that one. So, after we get home and I get one chilled enough (beverages have to be damn cold for me), I tried one. It was the tropical punch one. I just confirmed the love at first site thing. It was amazing. I had found me a proper replacement. It is called Hint, and it’s such an appropriateHint Pom Tangerine name. It’s water with just a slight hint of flavor. Enough to be not straight up water for my tastes. I have personally tried about 9 flavors — Tropical Punch, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Lime, Raspberry-Lime, Peppermint, Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, and Cucumber. My least favorite was Cucumber, and not just cuz it’s Cucumber. I’ve loved that flavor of water in the past so I was really excited to try it. For some reason to me, it tasted like plastic. I’m hoping it was maybe a bad batch or something, and I will attempt to try it again later, cuz it did seem to have some promise. I drink so much of this stuff, it’s insane. I pretty much fill up a cart at Whole Foods or H.E.B., any time I buy it. People look at me funny. The last time I went to Whole Foods, the guy was kind enough to give me their case discount, and told me I should just think of buying it in cases in the future. That’s a good idea. I think I’ll do that from now on.

I’ve even gotten my brother hooked on it. I’m just evil rotten that way.