The Economy

The Economy

I must apologize to the nation. Perhaps, even the world.

My family could single-handedly bring this economy to a complete halt. You see, we are not buying each other any presents this year. I know, it’s quite shocking.

For those that are not in the know. The six of us – Mom, Dad, Bro, SIL, Me, Mike – tend to go a little nuts when it comes to giving each other gifts. For a few years, I would rack up the credit cards at Christmas, and then pay them off throughout the year. Now I’m smarter. I use my Amex Blue Cash all year long for every purchase possible, so I can get the cash back. We get quite a bit back, which I then use to pay for Christmas stuff.

One year, for example, we all gave each other a Playstation2. That same year, I got a Sony MiniDV camcorder. And those were just 2 of my gifts. I’ll have to find some pictures of underneath our tree, cuz it’s one of those things you have to see to believe. A couple years ago, we caught a clue, and decided we needed to tame it down. So, we tried to put a limit on how much we could spend per person ($150). My mom hated that. She, of course, did not stay within that budget. Then last year we tried doing a secret santa sort of thing. We still had the same limit of $150, but each person only had one person to buy for. Mom still didn’t quite stay within her budget, but she did get better. She was insanely frustrated by her inability to buy for both of her kids, since she had gotten someone else. Last year, we put all the names in the hat, and pulled them again for this year.

Then my brother had to go and move to North Carolina, and my mom went off on her boss and tendered her resignation as of Jan. 1. With those particularly strenuous financial situations, we decided to do no gifts at all this year. Considering the loot I generally walk away with, you’d think I might take this decision hard. Fret not. I was actually suddenly very excited.

I don’t have to buy any gifts. I just have to get my butt to Virginia to visit my family, and that’s that. How freakin’ awesome is that?

But, to my fellow Americans and Earthlings…. I do apologize for what this could do to our economy :D

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  1. I wish my family were like this (the last part, we are more like the first). I’ve never been a big fan of either giving or receiving gifts and believe holiday’s like Christmas are more about giving to people who really need something as well as visiting family as opposed to loading up on technological crap.

    Unfortunatly the rest of my family doesn’t feel this way and I end up spending my meager college salary savings for the year on gizmos and gadgets nobody is likely to use. Thankfully, we’re doing a secret santa this year which limits what I actually have to purchase.

  2. hey we’ve done all of the above and none worked in our family either. But, in our family it was my oldest daughtwer who couldn’t stick to the rules.

    Good for you and enjoy your money and Christmas!:-)

  3. I know what you mean. Me and mine do not celebrate Christmas. Its actually such a relief not to feel the pressure financiall. We do give our children gifts throughout the year we just choose not to celebrate X-mas due to its origins.

  4. Hi Andrea! The truth is, you are in fact helping the economy by not incurring excessive credit debt – which on a deeper level is a major culprit in the economy. The way I see giving presents, is adults don’t have to and it’s ok. In my family, only the children get things because it brightens their lives and creates memories. I really don’t even want to receive presents either, everyone needs to be smart about their finances. It’s nice to meet you by the way! :smile:

  5. Years ago my family and I decided not to give gifts until after Xmas, then you get all the clearance sale prices. I don’t go to my MIL’s until after Xmas as well, and I am able to buy better gifts cheaper.

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