The end of current miseries

The end of current miseries

I was able to ride the SXSW glow I had for maybe a week, before work was able to obliterate it completely. I went from crazy high on life, to completely and utterly depressed. I'm still coming off that, but I am finally feeling a bit of an upswing. I, unwittingly, volunteered to work on a technical manual at work. Sounds like nothing huge really, but it has been a nightmare. First, no one knows the product the manual is on at all. There were like 10 authors for it, and no one had much experience with it. It's a brand new product, so I'm sure this is typical, but *$&%$&@!

There were four of us from my team working on it part time. We would work on the book from 7-11am, then break until 1pm where we would start doing our normal job until 5pm. I honestly feel like this was the main cause of my depression and anxiety. Coming off of 4 hellacious months at work didn't help either. I guess I was hoping that with four people that if a couple of us weren't motivated, that the others would be able to push us along. However, I did not anticipate that all four of us would be so utterly burned out and dejected over the lack of knowledge, that we would just shut down and accomplish nothing. 

The moral of this story… I will never again volunteer for something so hideously stupid. 

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