The Haps, Paps

The Haps, Paps

Let’s see… what’s been going on?

Mike and I finally got the last of the bookshelves for the front area. We have them put together, and we have half of them anchored to the wall. We just have to finish those up, and then I can decorate and all that frilly stuff. I’m really excited about getting this room together. The next set of goals for this room will be a rug or two for the area, a chaise, and a non-tacky recliner type chair and small table. This is going to be my book loving sanctuary. I will definitely post the pics when I’m done. I have some of the “during” photos, but those would be kind of lame without the end result. So, you shall wait, and you shall like it.

A couple weekends ago, we went to a friend’s house for a crawfish boil. Good times. This past weekend was Mike’s Cure-fest. Friday night he went to Dallas to see the Cure and stayed overnight with some friends. I chilled out and did this weird sleep/read thing. I would sleep for an hour, read for two hours, sleep again, read.. etc. It was an interesting evening.

Saturday, I hung with some of my girls and we headed to the Independence Brewery for a tasting. It was hella-awesome. First, they are located in a tech office park type area, but in the loading dock area. Very odd, not where you’d expect to find a brewery, for sure. They have a large section of the loading dock area blocked off. You walk in there, they check your ID, give you a wristband and three tickets. We took a tour of the brewery. The owners of the brewery are a married couple, and are really friendly and seem to really enjoy what they do. For the tastings… you can either get their 10 ounce plastic cups, or you can buy a glass pint glass for $5. Trust me.. put forth the $5, it’s so worth it. I’m not a big beer fan, but I did really enjoy the beers I tried. I had two pints of Bootlegger Brown, and one of their Austin Amber Beer. I also took a sip of their Freestyle wheat beer and it was quite tasty too. We took our lawn chairs and just hung out in a corner that was a bit shaded. Cuz it was INSANE hot. Like, seriously, NUTJOB hot. Ridickerous, really. But, it didn’t matter cuz we were having so much fun, we just didn’t sucked it up. Loved it. Can’t recommend it enough. They do it every First Saturday of the month. Check it out. Seriously. Do it.

Sunday, Mike and I went to the Paramount Theatre to see Eddie Izzard. I adore me some Izzard, but I was a bit disappointed in this show. He just didn’t seem completely like himself or something. It didn’t help that he was wearing normal regular dude clothes instead of his awesome womanly ensemble he usually sports. But overall, he was still pretty hilarious. He seems to really really really love his iPhone, and was quite pumped about the announcement that was going to happen the next day. He mentioned it like 3 or 4 times during the show. Oh, Mr. Izzard, I’m right there with ya. Only, I have to wait until my Sprint contract is up in November before I can get a loverly iPhone 3G. I’m sure everyone is as torn up about my not being able to get one as I am. You should be. It’s just tragic. Epicly tragic. Truly.


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