The Hormones

The Hormones

I have noticed a couple changes, perhaps due to hormones.

The first, and really not that big of a deal, is my no-cry mechanism. What does this mean, you may wonder? Well, for whatever reason, I really do not like to cry in front of my husband. Anyone else, whatever. But, my husband should not see this. Not that I haven’t cried in front of him. Oh contraire, it has happened plenty. But I try to really avoid it. Especially if I’m watching movies or TV. That’s like weenie crying, and I try to avoid that. I have a great ability to stop it, usually. I drink some water, I push my tongue to the top of my mouth, I bite the inside of my cheek. Whatever it takes.

I have lost this ability since being pregnant.

I try to stop it, and it won’t stop. But it could be worse. Like…

The other thing that has developed is my filter (for talking) is gone. I’ve slowly developed a bit of this filter through years of individual and group therapy. It’s a very thin slight membrane of a filter, but I think the hormones ate it. I’m not really minding it being gone. It’s not effecting my attitude towards most people. However, the people I find annoying or just generally do not like even when not pregnant, are now getting the brunt of my honesty at it’s full force. I have no tolerance for negativity or hateful rhetoric, and I’m just not keeping it in when encountering it lately.

Things could definitely be worse, in my opinion.

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  1. I am normally a pretty logical, not overly emotional person. When I was pregnant I could cry at kleenex commercials. It was ridiculous!!

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