The Loot

The Loot

So today I got my last present for my birthday. Mike got me the new Netflix Player by Roku. He must have ordered it the day it came out, since it just came out a week ago today. I cannot wait to hook it up. But I’ll wait for Mike to get home to mess with that nightmare of wires behind the TV.

We also started to get my new bookshelves for the other side of our front room. I have grand plans for that area and I just cannot wait until I get it all done. It’s gonna be a crazy awesome place for reading and displaying my loverlies (books).

My mom was crazy! She got the most unique thing! She got me 10 pounds of boiled peanuts from The Lee Brothers. She also got me a signed cookbook from them too. It’s got some great southern recipes in there that I can’t wait to try. I’m still working on the boiled peanuts. I left some out for the party, and some people tried them, and some people actually seemed to like them. But I am having the majority of the peanuts all to myself. Which is perfectly fine by me. My mom also had a fruit bouquet by Edible Arrangements delivered on the day of the party. It was so cool! It was hard to keep out at the party cuz I wanted to keep it cold. So, that didn’t get much action at the party. But Mike and I have been eating it up just fine.

At the party, I got cards from a lot of people, and I got some gifts — a few gift cards from places like Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, iTunes, and Best Buy. I also got a really cute hummingbird feeder, some Bath & Body Works girly stuff, and a nice party foam disc shooter.

Oh! Mike got me the greatest birthday cake. It was a Strawberry Shortcake cake from Sweetish Hill Bakery. I asked for light and fruity and it could not have been more perfect. So delicious. I’ve been having some of the leftovers from it for breakfast :D

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