This week in tweets… 2009-01-23

This week in tweets… 2009-01-23
  • like a giddy schoolgirl, playing Blue October’s new single – Dirt Room – on repeat. I can’t wait til their next album in March! #
  • just kinda realized I should be watching the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. Watching on I love technology and stuff. #
  • ugh! i didn’t realize my hasn’t been scrobbling since November. It’s fixed now, but still. #
  • guilty pleasure…. i can’t stop listening to “Jizz in My Pants”… it’s actually a good tune, plus it’s damn hilarious #

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  1. lol! Jizz in my pants is awesome! XD That was pretty much on perpetual replay in my brain. Oh yeah, I heard they’re no longer showing the last remaining eps of Pushing Daisies on tv. It’s gonna be up for grabs via download or through the season 2 DVD.

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