This week in tweets… 2009-02-06

This week in tweets… 2009-02-06
  • my throat hurts, my head is throbbing…. so of course the best thing for me is my xbox… yanno, to relax and stuff :D #
  • please note: picture in previous tweet is a couple years old. Except for work, I no longer use Windows. I just want that known cuz PCs suck. #
  • i seriously detest being on pager duty. 10 hours of dealing with morons… ON A SUNDAY… and I’m still not done. #
  • i really hate waking up with a headache… which seems to be happening more lately. #
  • had a weird nightmare last night. Couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hour, cuz my heart wouldn’t stop racing. #
  • another day… another headache to wake up to. WTF? #
  • wow… it’s awesome to come home to a clean house that I didn’t have to clean. Even better… is not remembering it was THAT day. Bonus. #
  • is going to bed. Let’s cross our fingers for no head pain in the morning. #

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  1. Very few people seem to know this, but it got me through childhood pretty well – There is a pressure point between your thumb and index finger, if you press down on it from both sides with your thumb and index of the opposite hand until it hurts a little bit your headache will go away within 2-3 minutes.

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