This week in tweets… 2009-03-20

This week in tweets… 2009-03-20
  • started my #swsw this year with 2 great movies. I Love You, Man & ExTerminators. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the week. #
  • At I love you man panel. Room is full so I get to see it on a screen outside the room. I really need to learn to leave earlier. #
  • Finished watching Bomber at Alamo Ritz. Great film. Loved it. Check it out if you can. #sxsw #
  • In a packed house at ritz for true adolescents. Saw Zoe Lister-Jones outside I think (from Breaking Upwards). #SXSW #
  • True Adolescents was great. Mark Duplass was excellent. Next up is Moon with Sam Rockwell at the paramount. No wifi there. Bastards. #SXSW #
  • Couldn’t get into Adventureland. So decided to get some grub at Maudie’s with the hubbie. #
  • Completely full now. Guess it’ll be time to get back in line soon. Think I will attempt to see Four Boxes. #sxsw #
  • In line for Four Boxes. Long wait, but at least I get to sit on a nice cushy seat. Also having my iPod makes it less dull. Go sudoku! #SXSW #
  • Sitting in front of cast of Four Boxes at Alamo #SXSW #
  • On the shuttle to get back to the car. Think I am calling it a night. #SXSW #
  • At paramount all day, so no wifi so very little tweeting for me today. I know you’re devastated. #sxsw #
  • Sitting on balcony patio on 4th floor convention center. There’s some cheesy fucker doing an interview in this awful interview voice. #SXSW #
  • Sitting in 16AB in anticipation of Richard Linklater and Todd Haynes talk. Got a great seat too. #SXSW #
  • At convention center for We Live in Public. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck like St. Nick. OMG what a yawner. Looked beautiful though. #SXSW #
  • Missed first movie cuz the city decided to not only shut 6th St down, but shut lanes down on other streets too. Brilliant fuqrs. #SXSW #
  • Got to see Broken Lizard at the screening of Slammin’ Salmon. Funny guys. Now in Lesbian Vampire Killers. Yah, you’re jealous. #SXSW #
  • I was really hoping that when the music started at #SXSW that the movies would start getting easier to get into. This hasn’t been the case. #
  • #sxsw has been revealing in many ways. For example, it’s shocking how many people I’ve seen use the loo and not wash their hands after. #
  • just saw what could tie for my favorite movie of #sxsw – Modern Love is Automatic. Melodie Sisk has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen. #

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