This week in tweets… 2009-12-18

This week in tweets… 2009-12-18
  • Off to fly over the Grand Canyon soon. Soon as I can get my butt out of this bed. #
  • In the van, on my way out to Boulder City for the Canyon flight. I'm getting quite excited! #
  • I tried to eat some bananas foster at the bellagio buffet and it made my throat start to close. Mike made me quit eating it. #
  • Dude. Carrot Top was feakin' hilarious. #
  • Whoa. I'm not sure words can even properly describe the immensity and imagination of KA. #
  • Woke up hurling nonstop today when we travel home. And it's not even from drinking. No idea why. #
  • 20 minutes into our flight to Houston it became clear this is something flu-like. Dude, I just infected 2 full planes of people. Ooopsy ;) #

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