This week in tweets… 2010-02-05

This week in tweets… 2010-02-05
  • Insanely awesome cheesy pop music is drowning out all the working-on-Saturday negativity. BTW Ke$ha's CD is kinda awesome. Don't judge :D #
  • dude.. i just woke up. and damn i'm hungry. #
  • Same song, back to back, on 3 diff radio stations… "Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock". It's gonna be a classic, no doubt. #
  • Splurglesplat. Lost is like a crazy inside joke that I'm not in on, and I've seen every dang episode! #
  • Tons of films at SXSW, as usual. Finding what's interesting and schedules that mesh is always a daunting yet exciting task. #

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