This week in tweets… 2010-08-13

This week in tweets… 2010-08-13
  • My first time! It was pretty cool. Thanks for being my workout bud Sharon! — at NiaSpace #
  • Gary's Bowl — It's not on the menu, but it's delicious! (and a bit strange) — at Wahoo's #
  • Got my hair did. It's fabooooolus. — at Courtyard Salons #
  • After Nia today, I have big blisters on the underside of both my big toes. I look silly walking with my toes sticking straight up. #
  • OMG it's so friggin' early. — at The Natural Gardener #
  • Sweeeeeet Berry! — at Hey Cupcake! #
  • After watching the craptastic film debacle that was The Bounty Hunter last night, tonight's viewing of Step Up seemed almost Oscar-worthy. #
  • Whoa. I'm wicked early to something. Unreal. — at Jack Allen's Kitchen #
  • You just don't wanna know what I'm seeing :P — at Gold Class Cinemas #
  • FYI book club ladies – The Girl Who Played with Fire is playing at Arbor/Great Hills theater. It's awesome. Go see it! #
  • I thought my arms were killing me from Nia, cuz what else? Mike laughed at me and then reminded me I'd moved 14-75lb bags of dirt. Perhaps. #
  • Seeing a slightly more respectable movie this time, but barely. Eclipse :P — at Gold Class Cinemas #
  • It's been so long since I've been here. Seems very popular. — at Food Shui #
  • Beautiful day. In the shade. — at Little Deli & Pizzeria #
  • It's official. Old 3GS iPhone is sold and shipped off. Beautiful. — at The UPS Store #

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