This week in tweets… 2010-08-27

This week in tweets… 2010-08-27
  • Got my paws pampered before I head to see Scott Pilgrim — at Ten Pretty Nails #
  • O Blue Moon, how I love thee. — at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema — Village #
  • Damn it's early. And I've been up for an hour. With a headache. — at La Tapatia #
  • Late lunch with the "No 'Poo" crew. — at Newk's Express Cafe #
  • Um, @emptyowe just described @wfitzsimmons beard as looking soft and snuggly. I feel I should be concerned. #
  • That hurt. — at Therapy Central of Round Rock #
  • Because I just didn't feel like having leftover chile rellenos :P — at Nanking Restaurant #
  • Mike thought it was weird that I was flat-ironing my hair before bed. I had major ponytail/bedhead. I'd rather fix it now than the AM, duh. #

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